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Reviews for Lynn Moloney

I’d like to highlight how instrumental Lynn has been in my (successful) application process. When I was referred to mbaMission by my instructor at Manhattan GMAT, I had solid statistics and work experience, but I needed help navigating the admissions process, articulating my candidacy, and above all, I needed confidence. Lynn provided all of these things and more. She helped me frame my experiences in ways that I hadn’t ever thought of. She helped me understand how stories that I initially thought were disjointed, isolated events were actually stepping stones on a path that led me to where I am today, and that prepared me for where I want to go in the future. Lynn was also instrumental in helping me evaluate which programs might suit my personality and my goals, and how to best portray myself not only as a qualified candidate, but as a candidate that belonged at each of the schools to which I applied.

Lynn was everything that mbaMission promised – knowledgeable, responsive, honest, etc. – but more importantly, Lynn became a trusted advisor and a friend through the admissions process, and I can honestly say that I could not have made it through without her help. I joked several times that my relationships with family and friends were spared because Lynn shielded them from my stress. While comical, I do believe it to be true. Lynn always made herself available at odd times, given my work schedule, even for calls that were sometimes merely confidence-boosters. Enlisting Lynn’s help has been one of my best decisions throughout the MBA admissions process, and I am excited to join her as an HBS alum in just over 2 years!

Harvard Business School Admit

mbaMission was an extremely helpful resource during my application process. The president, Jeremy Shinewald, hand selected a consultant who was perfectly matched to my background and personality. My consultant, Lynn Moloney, was phenomenal. A whiz at editing my essays, she helped me perfect my words without changing their meaning. Lynn was especially attentive during the interview/interview follow-up process. I was surprised at how available she made herself on a moment’s notice — this was great since several of our exchanges revolved around time-sensitive material. With all their help, my acceptance to Columbia was not a surprise!

Columbia EMBA Admit

If I have learned anything through this process, business school applications are a team effort — family, friends, supervisors who write recommendations, colleagues who support you, and in my case, Lynn. Without our brainstorming sessions, I know my essays would have been all about my extracurricular activities. I still don’t know how I went five out of six for acceptance offers and of those five for five with scholarships. I do know that I would not have been as successful without Lynn!

Kellogg, Wharton, Yale SOM, Chicago Booth and Ross Admit

I do not even know how to express how thankful I am to be working with Lynn. This week was so stressful and horrible, worrying about having to reach out to admissions and worrying that something small was going to ruin my chances at a school, but having the ability to run everything past Lynn was so necessary and priceless.

I don’t know that I would have even thought to reach out to someone higher in admissions and that apparently was exactly what was needed to get this accomplished. As I’ve said before, even if I don’t get into a single school, which may well happen, this experience has been useful and rewarding and Lynn is such a big part of that.

Business School Applicant

Lynn did a fantastic job in helping me apply to business school. From our initial consultation all the way to handling admissions offers, Lynn took extra time and care in the services she provided me. I can’t thank Lynn enough for all the extra attention and detail she gave to ensure that I produced the best resume and essays I could. The application process was very daunting for me and she ensured I stayed on track and met all my deadlines. I would not have had the success I did without her assistance. I am very happy that I utilized her services and I recommend her to anyone that is looking for help applying to a top business school.

Business School Admit

Lynn does not have as many reviews as other mbaMission consultants, which is surprising, because she is fantastic!

Lynn helped me with two top schools and one joint degree program. All of them were beyond my wildest dreams and I am proud to say I got into all three programs. My favorite parts about working with Lynn were (1) while you brainstorm for your essays, she helps to pinpoint your best stories and identify themes. These notes aid you in the self reflection exercise that’s required for MBA applications. (2) She never steals your voice! She will point out areas where she does not think your message is coming through, and push you to edit in a way that enables the Admissions Committee to hear the stories as you want them to be heard. At the end of the day, however, my applications were my applications. They represented the strongest and clearest communication of my voice, my thoughts, my achievements, my words.

I am honored to have worked with Lynn, and so thankful to be attending my dream school in the fall!

Stanford GSB, Harvard Business School and Wharton Lauder Admit (via GMAT Club)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my business school application process and want to thank you so much for your help. I am 100% sure that I ended up in the right place for me and have become involved in so many amazing roles already in my first month at Stern, in fact, more than I thought was possible. I am an AVP in the Luxury and Retail Club and the Cellar Club as well as on the conference committee of the GMA. Perhaps most excitingly, I was able to turn my summer internship at a start up whisky company into a Consulting Corp project.

If you ever encounter anyone who is on the fence about Stern, I am more than happy to speak with them.

NYU Stern Admit

I worked with Lynn and she was amazing from start to finish. I initially spoke to many other consultants and could tell from the start that she was by far the best. I’m so lucky to have found her and thrilled with my final result. She gave terrific advice and always made time for me. I will highly recommend her.

Columbia EMBA Admit

I can’t thank mbaMission and Lynn Moloney enough. From the very first e-mail for the initial consultation to the mock interview preparation, everything was above and beyond what I expected. You really do get what you pay for. Since this was a make or break year for me and since I had been rejected to all places I applied to last year, I did not want to take a chance this time. And boy, am I glad I signed up to work with Lynn. Lynn has been instrumental in making sure all my essays and my interview preparation was to the mark that is required of all applicants who are admitted to a MBA program. Lynn went above and beyond to help me.

Business School Admit (via Admissions 411)

Lynn was amazing at keeping me on track to meet deadlines and focused within my essays. The application process can be overwhelming and very daunting so it was great to have her keep me focused and on track in getting my application done on time. Her suggestions as to how I could improve my essays were invaluable, and they wouldn’t have been nearly as good without her.

Business School Admit (via Admissions 411)

I just wanted to pass along the great news that on Friday I received a call and email informing me that I was accepted to INSEAD! Thanks so much for all your help, advice and encouragement along the way. It truly helped me stand out.


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