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Imagine not just improving your chances of being accepted at your target MBA programs but even enjoying the process. We are thrilled to know that so many of our clients have had exactly this experience. mbaMission is the top-rated MBA admissions consulting firm on GMAT Club, with more than 1,600 verified five-star reviews (far more than any other firm), in addition to being "far and away" the top-ranked firm on Poets&Quants. We love getting feedback from happy clients, and here we present some of our favorite comments. To read reviews of specific consultants, click the links below.

MBA Admissions Awards, Rankings, and Reviews

mbaMission is consistently named a top MBA admissions consulting firm by industry publications. Here are just a few recent accolades:

  • #1 rated MBA admissions consulting firm on GMAT Club
  • #1 MBA admissions consulting firm of 2021, 2022, and 2023 on Poets&Quants
  • 10 of the top 40 MBA admissions consultants of 2023 on Poets&Quants
  • 4 of the top 20 MBA admissions consultants of 2022 on Poets&Quants
  • Best MBA admissions consulting firms of 2024 on College Consensus
  • Top 5 best MBA admissions consultants of 2023 on Crush the GRE
  • Best MBA admissions consultants of 2024 on MBA Insight
  • Best MBA admissions consultants of 2023 on San Diego Magazine
  • Best MBA admissions consultants of 2023 on the Accounting Institute for Success
  • Best MBA admissions consultants of 2023-2024 on Exam Strategist

We are also proud of our thousands of 5-star reviews written by happy and successful clients. Click the logos below to read some.

GMAT Club Poets&Quants Yelp GMAT Club

Working with mbaMission was one of the best investments I have made in my life.
My experience with mbaMission consultant was a great one. Starting with the brainstorming document, I was able to get great stories to tell on my applications and bring out the best part of my personal experience. Once I decided on the schools that I wanted to apply to, I was able to go through the essay questions with my consultant and determine the best stories to tell in each one. Although the process was stressful at times, getting help from the consultant allowed me to time my application process, and not wait until the last minute.

I was recommended this company when I started the process, and would I definitely recommend mbaMission to anyone considering having a consultant help them in the admissions process.

Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I can’t begin to tell you how fortunate I feel to have gained admission (to HBS), especially since it was my only application. You had faith in my candidacy even though I was doubtful from the beginning and were so proactive in keeping me going – without your phone calls to motivate another draft and the deadlines that you basically forced me to meet, I never would have finished. Without your help, I never would have considered those options for essay two, never would have even understood that insane essay four and definitely would not have come up with [topic deleted] for essay six. You made my strengths shine through and definitely was prepared for the ups and downs of my interview, for that I am always grateful. I just did not have the perspective on my candidacy and still find it hard to believe that I am Harvard material.

HBS Admit

Just wanted to let you know I've been accepted to the J-Term! Thanks again for all the help and advice - I couldn't be happier. I know I threw you a few curve balls and changed things up along the way and I appreciate you accommodating me. In the end, I'm really glad I switched to the J-Term and I can't wait to start at CBS.

Columbia Business School Admit

[My mbaMission consultant] was everything that mbaMission promised – knowledgeable, responsive, honest, etc. – but more importantly, [my mbaMission consultant] became a trusted advisor and a friend through the admissions process, and I can honestly say that I could not have made it through without her help. I joked several times that my relationships with family and friends were spared because [she] shielded them from my stress. While comical, I do believe it to be true. Enlisting [my mbaMission consultant’s] help has been one of my best decisions throughout the MBA admissions process, and I am excited to join her as an HBS alum in just over 2 years!

Thank you again for everything. I have recommended mbaMission to several friends and colleagues.

Columbia Business School Admit

mbaMission is a rockstar firm with many great resources for its clients. Jeremy Shinewald is leading the best team in the industry.
When it came to applying for business school, I was one of those crazy applicants who went all out with regards to preparation. Among all resources leveraged, my experience with my consultant at mbaMission was by far the most helpful in achieving my acceptances.

One of the biggest differentiators between mbaMission and other MBA consulting services is that with mbaMission you are assigned one consultant who works with you from beginning to end. With other consulting services however, you sometimes work with multiple consultants (general/school specific consultants). I much preferred working with one consultant throughout the entire application process because [my mbaMission consultant] became so familiar with my story that he was often able to suggest anecdotes from my personal and professional life (stories I hadn’t even thought of) that would be relevant to add to a particular essay. I had a great experience with mbaMission, and would strongly recommend using their services if not for all of your schools, at least for the top contenders.

Business School Admit

There are few things I can point to that have made such a profound difference in my life and in such a short time.
Overall, things are great and I am able to personally experience the value mbaMission brings to the application process. I totally believe that I made a wise choice by going with mbaMission.

Business School Admit

I want to thank you again for coaching me. Without your help, I would not even make it to the interview. You really helped me write about my life experiences without sounding like a poor victim. My American dream was purchasing a house, but I think it's also getting into Harvard - something I could only dream of. My mom would be so proud of me! I will remember you for life!!

Harvard Business School Admit

After unsuccessfully applying to Stanford, I knew that I would have to improve my essays the following year. You helped me to identify the most compelling parts of my personal narrative, and your guidance made my essays vivid and readable. Once they were done, I felt that my essays captured the essence of who I was and what I cared about. With your help, I was admitted as a re-applicant – a higher bar than the one I had fallen short of the prior year. Thank you!!

Stanford GSB Admit (Reapplicant)

The absolute BEST!
I can imagine that there must be so many successful business school applicants who tell you this every year, but you truly helped me to change my life and point it to such a great direction. I really don't think I would be able to achieve this result without you. Thank you so much for making me feel that I was never alone in this process and that I have a shot at these top business schools even with my not-so-high GMAT and an unknown GPA. Thank you for taking a great interest in my story, my personality and background even though it was not exactly the area that you are very familiar with. Thank you for supporting and helping me working with my recommenders - I was fortunate to have good relationships with both of them, but it was still a delicate process and your help and understanding meant so much to me. Thank you for going beyond the terms of our contract in every possible way. Thank you in so many ways!!!

I really enjoyed working with you. I don't think writing is really my thing (especially writing in English), but somehow you made it so easy that I really liked the process. I spent quite a bit of time sitting in a library and writing, but I was never stuck in front of the essay prompt - thanks to our brainstorming sessions and conversation recordings.

There is one more thing I want to add. Besides being extremely grateful for being such a great partner and supporter in this whole process, I'm really impressed with your work. So many great applicants spend months or years in order to get admitted, but for you it only took just one day to read my background and come up with a story that became so successful.

MIT Sloan Admit

I want to begin by saying that you're really good at what you do. You've helped me clarify my thought process when writing my essays and you could really drill down to the core of the prompts. It's no wonder that I got interview invites from almost 8 business schools. I can't help wonder how you got so good. Your communication skills are top notch! And your thought process is so clear!

Business School Admit

Faultless from start to finish.
I was referred to mbaMission by a friend and had several intro calls with a few mbaMission consultants. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the openness of the consultants – they truly want to match your working style and make sure the process works best for you, while offering you the advantage of their experience and knowledge of the different schools.

I received interviews at 5 of the 6 schools I applied to. Not only does mbaMission provide free interview guides for each school, [my mbaMission consultant] was also vital to my interview prep. Each mock interview was treated as real interview, and she guided me on how to best present my answers. Ultimately I had a series of successful interviews and at each step felt extremely well prepared for the different interviews and interviewers.

All in all, working with mbaMission was one of the best investments I have made in my life and highly encourage anyone interested to reach out to their team.

Business School Admit

I found most useful the open and honest feedback. I felt [my mbaMission consultant] really wanted my application to be the best that it could be. I am very excited to start business school later this year and am sure I could not have been successful without the help of mbaMission.

Business School Admit

Top of the line services.
If you are serious about applying to MBA programs and feel strongly that betting into the best schools is important, then I would highly suggest working with mbaMission - they offer a wide variety of very helpful resources and are easy to work with.

Business School Admit

I’d read about mbaMission online, through P&Q, and it had been recommended to me by a family friend. When I reached out to have an initial conversation with the recommended consultant, she went above and beyond connecting me with 3-4 profiles of consultants who she thought I would best work with. I ended up having another intro call with [my mbaMission consultant], who I felt matched my energy and was very open and honest that she aimed to highlight her clients stories in the best way possible—that the individual aspect was more important than explaining a lack of job position change. Her demeanor was very appealing as I could tell she was invested in her clients rather than just trying to snare new clients with claims of an M7 guarantee. (Note all of these conversations happened before I even sent mbaMission a single dime. I truly felt they were invested in the human side of things rather than just the commission. I think that is apparent on when you realize just how many free materials/guides that mbaMission offers, among many other aspects of their approach.)

Business School Admit

I really couldn't have done well on the application without your help. I just re-read my 1st version of all the essays, they have come a looong way, the final versions are looking absolutely stellar! Your insights, your ideas, thoughts, expertise, resourcefulness (list goes on ...) have been of immense help in going over the hurdle!

Business School Admit

Like many people who ultimately chose to go with mbaMission, I chose the service for its excellent reviews and the abundant resources the service provides. I chose the 4-school package, and although I was nervous to spend that amount of money, I cannot stress how much it was worth it in the end. By the end of the process, I was accepted into a top 10 school with scholarship! I thought it would be difficult for someone with my background to get accepted into a top program, but I never even imagined I could get funding for it. The money spent up-front for the consulting service paid off multiple times over with my scholarship reward, and I know that I wouldn't have gotten it without [my mbaMission consultant]'s help.

Business School Admit

The queen of strategy for MBA applications.
The process that mbaMission utilizes is tried and true, and I immediately saw the value-added in the organization of my resume and story into a cohesive narrative, which when completed was able to highlight the strengths and characteristics that most benefitted my application. After completing and organizing the initial data mining, we jumped right into the essays. There was no draft limit on the number of revisions we worked with, some essays needing more work than the others, but the ability to make the story as concise and strong as possible is what I truly benefitted from. The best part of the essay editing is that while my essays were stronger because of the editing, the tone and story never changed from that of my own voice. Because of this, when I submitted my final application I was proud of MY work and knew the admissions committee was meeting me as an applicant.

I highly recommend the mbaMission admissions consulting process.

Business School Admit

You’re not buying a package with just a consultant but with a team who is invested in your application.
Ok, so I cannot overstate how much I recommend mbaMission for anybody seriously applying to top MBA programs. I eventually got into Harvard Business School with below-average numbers, but even during the application process I was telling everybody I knew that mbaMission was a MUST-do if you're serious about business school and can afford it (not cheap). Also, the Start-to-Finish package is the way to go 100% - and probably cheaper than the other options in the long run. Trust me, I broke this down and probably spent 2-3x less than I would have with the hourly rate. You have no idea how much you will reach out to your consultant, and you will thank yourself many times over for biting the bullet in the beginning. I was no-doubt stressed during the process, but that's just part of it. [My mbaMission consultant] took the stress WAY down for me and he was my partner in crime during the entire process. My expectations were exceeded at every level (from essay editing, to resume crafting, to strategies visiting campuses) and I can't recommend mbaMission enough. EVEN IF I had not been accepted to ANY of my schools (Stanford, HBS, Sloan, Haas, Anderson) I would have been 100% glad I used mbaMission.

HBS, Stanford GSB, MIT Sloan, Haas, Anderson Admit

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the book, website resources, and all of the blog posts. After a very, very long application season, I was just admitted to Kellogg (my top choice) off the summer waitlist last week. While I had been accepted and paid a deposit elsewhere, I quickly changed my plans to go to Kellogg. Your company's resources were undoubtedly the most helpful of any website/book/consultancy that I came across. I think the Q&As with admissions officers, the essay analyses, and the blog posts really helped me shape my applications and tailor them to the schools to which I applied. As someone who is about to go from earning a salary to not earning a salary, I extremely appreciated all of the free resources on your website.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you!

Kellogg Admit

Thanks a bunch for helping me at every step in the application. I know you have answered so many of my silly questions :) Came a long way from brainstorming. I sincerely appreciate all your frank opinions, reviews, detailed comments and always before-time responses. Without your help and guidance, my essays were nowhere! In short, you are incredible! And I'm so lucky to have you as my MBA guide.

Business School Admit

Best career decision EVER.
A friend of mine strongly recommended me to hire mbaMission to help me with my MBA application journey. I was having second doubts because I've had terrible experiences in the past with several informal coaches. I gave myself a chance and hired mbaMission.

I want to congratulate mbaMission's methodology and service. It has been amazing.

I was accepted to my #1 and #2 MBA options. I am sure a great part of it was thanks to [my mbaMission consultant], she rocks, and she has been the best advisor I have ever had. She got to know me perfectly since the first session I had with her. She taught me how to get the best out of me in every step of the application process; my resume, essays, short answer questions, interviews, and even the post-acceptance process. She lifted me up many times, and she never let me give up... She is THE best!!!!

Business School Admit

Working with Jeremy Shinewald from mbaMission was a gift and a pleasure. I signed up with him a mere 3 weeks before my Round 2 deadlines. I figured “the leverage” of using a somewhat pricey consultant made sense for a couple reasons – (1) If I get into my dream school, it leads to huge dividends for my future and (2) If I get awarded financial scholarships, on an immediate monetary level, the consulting services pay for themselves…I am fortunate to say that both outcomes happened to me. I got into my dream school and with a $25k+ scholarship.

Jeremy in particular, added a phenomenal amount of value to me personally and my applications. On a personal level, he helped me do some soul-searching and gain clarity on what I wanted, my past experiences and my strengths. As a “Type A” type of person, I can often be hard on myself and Jeremy helped me see a bigger and wider picture. On application materials, Jeremy truly went above and beyond, turning around tons of work back to me on tight deadlines (i.e., hours) without charging me an extra penny and despite the “two-business-day response” in our contract. The quality of Jeremy’s writing skills are tremendous and he understood the schools I was applying to on a much better level than I could from my own research.

In short, I highly recommend mbaMission and Jeremy. Whether you choose to go with them, I highly suggest taking advantage of the free 30-minute session as that short call on its own added a lot of value to me plus gave me a feel of their services without having to pay anything.

Business School Admit

mbaMission is the McKinsey of MBA Consulting.
I hired mbaMission for a two school package. I only applied to two schools and was admitted to my dream school. I wouldn’t be able to achieve that without [my mbaMission consultant]’s guidance.

Why mbaMission?

After talking to all top MBA consultant firms I could find, I decided to go with mbaMission because mbaMission truly puts my interest first and cares for its consultants. This is the reason why the firm does not offer money-back guarantee, promise unprovable results, and offer discounts or sales. I also like how I am paired with one consultant who will spend time to understand me, be my friend, and be with me throughout the whole process.

Business School Admit

Unrivaled admission consulting service.
[My mbaMission consultant] and mbaMission exceeded my expectations and helped make the application process feel much less stressful. I get the sense that mbaMission has a lot more camaraderie than some of their peers -- which I think is great! I had several 30 min consultations and was most impressed by mbaMission's professionalism, breadth of knowledge, and superior recommendations. I would certainly use them again.

Business School Admit

Jeremy is the founder of mbaMission and manages a team of 20+ MBA consultants - the value of his access to this team (he brought in others on the team when needed) and his personal depth of knowledge is incalculable. I never felt like I was his second priority to his firm. In fact, I felt like I was his main priority throughout. I truly can't emphasize his responsiveness enough. It was clear that he cares very deeply for every client, as the founder of the firm and gets the micro right, letting the macro take care of itself.

When an MBA cost are high and the opportunity cost sometimes even higher, working with a company such as mbaMission is a no brainer in my book. Presenting yourself as the strongest applicant and bettering your chances to a top school is a long term investment I would make any day.

Wharton Admit

Game changer admissions consultant!
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