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I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH MBAMISSION FOR YOUR BUSINESS SCHOOL APPLICATION. Michael at mbaMission helped me craft my essay for my application to HBS and in the end it really paid off. I was admitted! I had a few stories that I wanted to use in the writing process and Michael worked with me to refine different aspects of those stories to make the biggest impact with the admissions committee. Working with Michael was always very straightforward. He was also fast in communication and clear in his recommendations. I would absolutely recommend Michael to anyone applying to business school!

HBS Admit

Michael is a miracle worker. I scored a 640 on my GMAT (45 Quant/34 Verbal) which is not great, did not get amazing grades in college, and somehow Michael was able to help show [the] admissions committee how valuable of a candidate I was. He gave me confidence to present my story and the accomplishments I was able to achieve in a very clear and impactful way. He went out of his way to make sure that I was getting the best possible consulting I needed to get into the MBA programs I wanted. After all of our hard work we were able to get into 4 schools including KELLOGG. I truly believe that I deserved to get into these programs and I am as certain that this would not have been possible without Michael Guttman. He truly is the BEST ADVISOR.

Kellogg Admit

Michael Guttman was extremely responsive in communications and was able to accommodate a meeting each time I needed advice, from analyzing which GMAT score to keep all the way through interview preparation. When it was time to review essay drafts, Michael called to my attention specific ways that examples could improve my message and did not miss a single detail. I also benefited from mock interviews that mbaMission set up. I know that each admissions consultant has a book of clients, but Michael made me feel like his top priority. It was nice to know Michael and mbaMission had my back throughout the process, and I ultimately got into Wharton!

Wharton Admit

I know it’s a big expense but if you really want to get into a top school, I think this is an essential service and I would recommend everyone getting a consultant. Specifically, Michael could not have been better. He was incredibly knowledgeable, prompt, set expectations, provided excellent feedback—I don’t think I would have gotten into my top school without him. It wasn’t stressful because he helped guide me every step of the way and worked with my time frame to create a customized plan. He truly found what were my best qualities and allowed those to shine for the school I wanted to go to. Cannot recommend him more!

CBS Admit

Michael helped me to reflect upon why I wanted to get an MBA and create the raw material that would be the foundation of my application. He was then incredibly helpful in assisting me in selecting from all of the data in crafting a compelling story that effectively conveyed why I was an applicant and could be a valuable addition to a prospective program. During the entire process Michael met every deadline and went above and beyond in helping me to think about my applications to schools in addition to the ones within the package. Overall, I could not recommend Michael enough, as I eventually was admitted to CBS.

CBS Admit

Applying to M7 business schools with a below-average GMAT score can be an intimidating process. I reached out to several consultants when starting my applications and heard a common response: “you have virtually no chance of being accepted to your target schools with that score”. Michael was the one consultant that seemed to take a more optimistic approach to my candidacy and background. From the beginning of our time working together, he always focused on the positive aspects of my candidacy and worked tirelessly with me to creatively emphasize my strengths. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Michael's services to anyone, but especially someone who is a bit intimidated by the process. I would not have landed my spot at Booth without him!

Booth Admit

After my brother used ad-hoc services with Michael at mbaMission for his MBA admission process last year (now at Yale SOM), I am grateful that he recommended that he suggested this resource. mbaMission, and Michael's one-on-one support, were incredibly instrumental and crucial to helping me survive the app process happy and excited to go to Kellogg. Overall, most helpful was guidance on how to position yourself across applications to be most marketable to admissions. He helped elevate all the different aspects of my application (different essays, interviews, resume) to ensure I was using every possible opportunity to make my case. Additionally, super glad I also did the Wharton interview prep, because it made me much more comfortable going into the real thing.

Kellogg Admit (via GMAT Club)

I am absolutely thrilled of the impact that my consultant Michael Guttman had on my three MBA applications. I knew I needed help in getting into a top school because I do not have the most impressive work experience and my college grades are a little below average. Michael Guttman was super knowledgeable about the whole process and was able to help me with framing my story to be much more compelling. We also discussed my goals and tweaked them to be more realistic based on my background. Because of Michael Guttman, I was able to write better and more powerful essays.

He treated me like his only client from the very beginning. He was always available to have phone calls and very responsive with emails. He gave me advice every step of the way. We started with an initial brainstorming session and then worked on as many drafts of my essays and resume as necessary to make them perfect.

I received interviews at 2 of the 3 (the other school didn’t require an interview) schools I applied to, and he was a huge help in preparing me for each of my interviews. I really don’t think I would have been accepted without his help. Because of him, I was accepted into my top choice. I seriously recommend Michael Guttman to give yourself the best chance of admission.

NYU Stern Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was initially recommended to mbaMission by a colleague, but I was unsure as to who I should work with and a couple of people recommended Michael because of his expertise in translating experience and career aspirations into a compelling application. In the initial 30-minute free consultation, Michael helped me set clear goals, create a work plan, and answered my most pressing doubts. This convinced me he was the person I wanted to work with in the application process. Michael helped me tell my story in the best manner possible and then pushed me to go beyond what I had originally planned, making my application much stronger. In the end, I got into UC Berkeley which was my number one choice for a school and with a scholarship to boot! This would not have been possible without Michael’s dedicated guidance and help. With the scholarship, Michael’s fees more than paid for themselves. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get into a competitive program.

Berkeley Haas Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was paired with Michael Guttman as an advisor for my MBA application journey. He helped me from GMAT all the way to being accepted to my top program and everything in between. This process is crazy with deadline management while also working fulltime but Michael helped me stay on top of everything in terms of deadlines and made sure that I completed all my application tasks at an extremely high level. We broke down and re-worked my resume to such a degree that I was able to easily take pieces from our many iterations to complete my new school resume once I was admitted in less than an hour. My school’s resume counselor said that my resume was one of the best written resumes she had ever seen on a first submission and I was able to immediately get into our school’s resume book, thereby getting a head start on recruiting. That was all because of Michael’s painstaking care when it came to helping me with my resume. Over multiple session, we brainstormed everything that could possibly go into my resume and then broken down all of those ideas into well-articulated, perfectly succinct bullets that I could easily plug into my resume depending on what my story was for each school. Ensuring I mastered my resume is just one example, Michael took an extreme level of care with every aspect of my application journey, including devising different personalized questions for each school I applied to and helping me prep for every interview. I can honestly say that the level of my applications was elevated well beyond what I would have been capable of without his assistance, but perhaps more importantly, his guidance gave me the confidence I needed to stick with the process and get into my dream school. If you are serious about putting your best foot forward in the MBA application process, then Michael is your best bet.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Michael was an invaluable help throughout the entire application process. He gave me thorough and incisive feedback on essay drafts- both line-by-line commentary and big picture strategic direction.

Michael's suggestions for where I should apply were quite helpful as well. He met with me and did a complete mock-interview before one of my interviews, which really helped me to refine and improve my messaging. Most importantly, Michael was always prompt to respond to ad-hoc stream of consciousness questions that I had throughout the process, which was immensely valuable.

Thanks to Michael's help, I was admitted to two of my top choice business schools, Dartmouth and Yale. I couldn't be happier with how this process played out, and would recommend any other prospective applicants to use Michael's consulting.

Yale SOM Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was originally a bit skeptical on working with a consultant, but after taking a free consultation with Michael Guttman at mbaMission, I knew within 5 minutes that I needed to work with him. I had taken consultations with a few other companies, but Michael has a unique ability to put his clients at ease, and did a fantastic job navigating me through the application process. Aside from all of his insight, the thing I appreciated most about Michael was his commitment to presenting the most authentic version of myself in my application package. He is truly gifted at maximizing the potential of his clients, and took great care in making sure I stayed true to the things that made me a unique candidate. He's able to do this because he takes a genuine interest in getting to know his clients, and asked questions that forced me to do some deep self reflection on who I am and why I want an MBA. I also really appreciated how considerate he was, often providing his feedback well before the mbaMission deadline so I would be able to maximize my revisions ahead of the Round 1 deadlines. While the anxiety ahead of interview invites is brutal, I am significantly more at ease knowing that working with Michael has enabled me to submit the best possible application I could.

Ross Admit (via GMAT Club)

This was my first time applying to business schools and I was feeling a bit lost. I gave Michael a call for a free consultation and he instantly removed any and all stress that comes with the process. He walked me through what schools look for and how to write a compelling and genuine essay. I could not have done it without him, he was the most helpful person one could ask for!

He was flexible on revisions and always had amazing feedback. He has a way of pulling out the best qualities in a candidate and is the most brilliant at conveying that. He has great experience in consulting and finance and knew exactly how to make me stand out!

He prepared me for interviews, mitigated a tough GPA and helped with my optional essay.

Hire this guy, he will not disappoint. He is the best consultant you will ever work with!

As a transitioning veteran, he was my compass on this journey. I was granted an interview and received a full scholarship to my top school!

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

Working with Michael was the single best decision I made throughout my application process. He has the unique ability to truly bring out the best parts of you in your application so that you shine in the eyes of the admissions committee. Not only was he exceptional at meeting (and often beating) deadlines, his advice was always clear and direct, and allowed me to put my best foot forward when it came to submitting my application. While my raw stats were slightly below the median of my target schools, Michael worked with me on 4 applications, which turned into 4 admits! Because of his guidance, I'll be heading to my dream program this Fall. I cannot recommend him enough!

Wharton Admit (via Poets&Quants)

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