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I worked with Michael on brainstorming my MBA story and on a few of my MBA essays. I couldn't be happier with the results! Michael is a natural story teller, and will help you craft your MBA application into a convincing story for the admissions team. This is probably one of the more important factors of applying to an MBA program. So feel confident that Michael will walk you through the process with precision and expertise.

Michael is also very responsive and went the extra mile with every essay we worked on. I 100% feel that I got my money's worth. The process is also very easy – send him an email, and he will review the work within two days. Smooth as can be!

To sum it up, my experience was fantastic. I was put on the waitlist for a few of the top 15 schools, which is a huge accomplishment so far since my GMAT and GPA were on the low end. If anyone there is in the same situation, just hire Michael to get your story in place!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with Michael to apply to 8 highly competitive full-time MBA programs across Round 1 and Round 2, of which I am attending UCLA Anderson. The process was grueling, but Michael and I charted a course together, working closely to meet the deadlines I set for each application. Michael always responds quickly with pointed questions designed to distill the most important aspects of my story and ensure that they are reflected in my application. Each aspect of the application is crucial and Michael ensures that each component is addressed thoughtfully and holistically captures the candidate that you are. Michael was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone applying to business school.

UCLA Anderson Admit (via GMAT Club)

Michael was a tremendous help in my application process and eventual admission to LBS. I was originally referred to Michael by one of his colleagues at mbaMission and found his upbeat, can-do attitude refreshing after rather dreary conversations with consultants at competing firms. We worked over tight timelines whereby he was incredibly responsive and composed from start-to-finish (brainstorming to interview prep). I was impressed by Michael's consistency in providing valuable feedback and/or insights at each turn and found him to be a very reliable partner throughout. In summary, Michael was a true pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

London Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I applied to MBA programs of 3 schools: Peking, Tsinghua, and Fudan University. So far, I got accepted into both Peking Guanghua School of Management and Fudan IMBA. Tsinghua's interview is in just a few days.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my application results. Peking Guanghua School of Management probably has the best MBA program in all of China, and it is my top choice.

I am very grateful for Michael's flexibility in giving feedback on multiple essays when I was in a time crunch. He knew all the right things to include. Despite my essays being way over the word limit, Michael patiently helped me cut my word-count, while still giving detailed feedback.

I was most thankful for MichaelÆs genuine willingness to help. Frankly, I went over-time with both phone consultation and mock interview, but he didn't mind at all. Speaking of mock interview, I was definitely surprised when the questions he prepared were almost the exact same as the ones Peking Admissions asked me.

B-School Admit

I was originally a bit skeptical on working with a consultant, but after taking a free consultation with Michael Guttman at MBAMission, I knew within 5 minutes that I needed to work with him. I had taken consultations with a few other companies, but Michael has a unique ability to put his clients at ease, and did a fantastic job navigating me through the application process. Aside from all of his insight, the thing I appreciated most about Michael was his commitment to presenting the most authentic version of myself in my application package. He is truly gifted at maximizing the potential of his clients, and took great care in making sure I stayed true to the things that made me a unique candidate. He's able to do this because he takes a genuine interest in getting to know his clients, and asked questions that forced me to do some deep self reflection on who I am and why I want an MBA. I also really appreciated how considerate he was, often providing his feedback well before the MBAMission deadline so I would be able to maximize my revisions ahead of the Round 1 deadlines. While the anxiety ahead of interview invites is brutal, I am significantly more at ease knowing that working with Michael has enabled me to submit the best possible application I could.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I applied to four schools during the round 2 application process. I reached out to Michael a few weeks before the application deadline in order to fine-tune some of my essays. I had a relatively short turnaround time to finalize my essays, and Michael was extremely accommodating to my schedule. His edits to my essays were very helpful in further bringing out my story to differentiate me from other candidates. With his help, I was admitted Round 2 to an M7 program, he was fantastic to work with throughout the process.

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

Was admitted Round 1 into a Top 5 full-time MBA. Michael was extremely helpful in his review, including both insightful comments on broad topics to include, as well as more specific / tactical edits. I especially appreciated the prompt review cycles (never missed a turnaround time, and often was much faster!). I actually came from another consultant I wasn't pleased with, and Michael helped get me back on track. With all the uncertainty of applying to school, I can confirm that choosing Michael helped ease the stress!

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

I was recently admitted to one of my top choice MBA programs, and I credit Michael for helping me with that.

Michael and I performed a mock interview and he provided feedback during / after the session that pointed out key areas of improvement to help with my story. He and I covered the most frequently asked questions, and for each question he was able to help me expand on my prepared answers, as well as identify specific points that I should / should not mention. This approach allowed me to better understand the perspective of the interviewer, which enabled me to also properly prepare for a list of extra (less common) questions that he provided at the end of our mock interview.

While going into this mock interview I felt that I had a good grasp on my story, Michael helped me develop my answers to a new depth. I highly recommend working with Michael for your MBA application pursuits!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Michael was a pleasure to work with from the beginning to the end. He was able to assist with essays, resumes and overall application guidance. He was very flexible with his hours which made the experience great. He asked difficult questions which was really great to express my story. Would highly recommend!

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

When I reached out to the professionals who worked with the alumni career office at my business school alma mater, I was underwhelmed with their feedback and advice in what was the first real update to my resume since graduation. I then contacted Michael, a fellow professional who also received his MBA from a top school and someone who has worked as a professional recruiter. His advice was invaluable in helping me update my resume for the first time in several years. His feedback was key in helping me prioritize what roles/skills I should focus on in presenting myself to explore new opportunities.

NYU Stern Admit

Thanks to Michael, I found him truly helpful. English is not my native language. But working with Michael was awesome, I got answers to my all questions. He studied my essays carefully and gave constructive feedback. As a result, I was admitted in Round 1 to my first choice school in the US.

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

Michael helped with brainstorming ideas for multiple aspects of my applications. He asked tough, in-depth questions which were great at getting my ideas to flow. I really appreciate his help with my resume as well to conform it to business school standards. His flexible hours were great as was his response time. Overall would highly recommend.

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

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