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Julie-Anne Heafey

Julie-Anne Heafey

Senior MBA Admissions Consultant

Harvard MBA with a background in financial services, consulting, private equity, and impact investing who specializes in the most competitive MBA programs

How I Can Help You

My style is diligent and strategic. I work hard to understand your unique strengths and weaknesses, and to help you put your best foot forward in an often murky and uncertain process. When we dig into your essays and resume, I push you to reveal angles and stories that you might not have otherwise considered sharing to showcase your impact and leadership. In the interview phase, I prepare you to anticipate challenging questions and communicate fit with your target programs. Throughout the process, I serve as your coach and partner, helping you understand yourself better and convey your message more clearly—benefits that last beyond the MBA admissions process!

Why Choose Me

I have my BA from Dartmouth University and my MBA from Harvard Business School. Before attending business school, I worked in financial services at Salomon Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley), and after graduating, I entered strategy consulting with Parthenon (now EY Parthenon) and provided advisory services to start-ups in multiple industries, including health care, education, software, beauty, and social impact. I have since worked with clients across many more industries—film and entertainment, advertising, real estate development, chemical engineering, fashion, food and beverage, aerospace, and the military—helping “translate” tricky jargon and unusual roles for the MBA admissions audience.

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