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Rachel Beck

Rachel Beck

MBA Admissions Managing Director

CBS MBA with over a decade of admissions consulting experience and a background in journalism working for The Associated Press

How I Can Help You

As an energetic and supportive partner through the MBA process, I have helped thousands of domestic and international clients from various industries and backgrounds pursue their business school aspirations. No two clients are the same, and looking for unique attributes in each applicant’s experiences has helped me achieve tremendous success with my candidates each season. My strong writing and editing background, paired with my ability to tease out compelling applicant stories, both personal and professional, have made me a highly sought-after consultant. I enjoy how diverse my clients are each year, from ones with more common pre-MBA paths, such as consulting and banking, to nontraditionalists, including teachers, professional athletes, and nonprofit directors. I have worked with a global cast of clients across six continents, from busy cities such as Mumbai, Shanghai, and New York to out-of-the-way locales, including Mongolia and Nigeria.

Why Choose Me

What I love about my job is that every day, every client, and every conversation is different. I am passionate about meeting people from all over the world and helping them shape and tell their stories. Coming from a journalism background, and with the insights of having earned an MBA myself, I focus on helping applicants navigate everything from telling their strong personal stories to framing their past experiences and goals.

Before joining mbaMission in 2011, I spent 18 years at The Associated Press as national features writer and business columnist, producing an award-winning syndicated column that reached thousands of news organizations globally. A graduate of Lehigh University, I hold both a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and an MBA from Columbia Business School (CBS), where I received the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics Business Journalism. While at CBS, I was a teaching assistant, an officer for the Retail & Luxury Goods Club, and a resume reviewer for the MBA program’s Career Management Center. After graduating from CBS, I served as an alumni admissions interviewer for eight years.

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The BEST—100% Admittance Rate to Schools Applied

Rachel’s background … is the triple threat that makes her the best MBA consultant

The BEST—100% Admittance Rate to Schools Applied

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