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Before Rachel was recommended to me, I had interviewed two other consultants who also came highly regarded. I hadn’t been impressed with either and when I spoke with Rachel I knew instantly it was a fit. I told her my concerns: I needed someone who would respond in a timely manner and who would help me craft my story. Rachel set clear expectations from the get-go about turnaround time and she instilled confidence in me that I had a good story to share.

From a personal standpoint, I didn’t need someone who would help me research schools and programs. I had done that on my own. Rachel is unique given her editorial background and she is a journalist by nature. That is exactly what I needed. I wanted someone who would help me brainstorm ideas for essays and give me editorial help. Rachel surpassed all expectations when it came to that. I always felt she was honest and if she didn’t feel like the story made sense or the essay wasn’t quite there she was very candid. The entire process was collaborative and with Rachel a lot less dauting.

This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share a personal anecdote. The GMAT was not something that came easy to me. I wound up having to take it multiple times until I received a score I felt would not hinder me from getting accepted. Just as I was about to give up after my second time Rachel was my personal cheerleader and kept me going. She helped strategize with me regarding the school’s deadline and still taking the 3rd test in time. I can say without hesitation that if Rachel was not my consultant I would have given up on the entire process. I knew I was paying for the editorial help and brainstorming sessions. However, what I received in return was so much more.

I cannot recommend Rachel enough for her creativity, her brilliance in crafting stories, and her ability to serve as a personal coach throughout the entire process in areas one might not expect!! Do not even hesitate when choosing an advisor. I can guarantee you all expectations will be exceeded with Rachel!

Kellogg & CBS Admit (via GMAT Club)

As someone who has used a different consulting firm in the past (and had a much different result) I can tell you a little bit about what makes mbaMission, and Rachel specifically, that much better. First, just to give you a sense of my profile: I work in management consulting for a very small firm, was graduated from a mid-tier undergraduate university with a 2.9 GPA, have 5 years of work experience, and a 740 GMAT.

I decided to work with mbaMission at the recommendation of a friend and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. Rachel was an incredible asset throughout. She was able to help me compartmentalize the overwhelmingly large process into small manageable chunks and tackle each one effectively. From crafting my ‘story’ all the way through interviewing, she was there to provide great advice and guidance. I can say with near certainty that I would not have been accepted a top 5 school without her help!

The biggest thing that sets Rachel apart is her candor. It’s nice (and feels good) to have someone tell you how great you are, how perfect your essays are, and how big of a ‘shoe-in’ you are for whatever your top school is; but, that doesn’t get you that coveted acceptance letter. In retrospect, my previous consultant did a pretty poor job of managing my expectations (and helping me craft my application). This was definitely not the case with Rachel – she was blunt (but tactful and friendly) in telling me where I was weak and where I was strong all throughout the process. While it may have been a blow to my ego to hear that my essays weren’t perfect as written the first time (or the 10th), it is that kind of honesty that is really necessary to put together the best possible application and maximize the chances of acceptance. She was integral in helping me shape my story into one that would stand out amidst the pile of other applications and in a way that grabbed the reader’s attention quickly. She was particularly great at identifying elements of my profile, and my story, that I had completely overlooked but that the ad-com would love.

She was also a tremendous help with interview prep. A lot of people (and I was one of them) think that you can enter your interview without much preparation and just ‘wing it’ – Rachel was quick to change my thought process when, after doing rather poorly on our mock interview, she told me bluntly ‘you’re not going to get accepted unless you improve your answers to these questions.’ And then she proceeded to tell me exactly how I should improve. Her suggestions proved to be vital as I encountered many of the same questions she asked in the actual interview!

So, would I recommend her? Yes! A thousand times yes! Sure, working with a consultant is expensive; but, it is nothing when you consider the increase in your earnings potential for the rest of your life should you get accepted to a top school. The process is more complicated and potentially overwhelming than most people realize. A great consultant can really help you put your best foot forward and Rachel is certainly that. Work with her. You won’t regret it.

UT Austin Admit (via GMAT Club)

Idea generation for the essays was the hardest part of the entire application process. Rachel made it a breeze. She read through my brainstorm document in detail, and really listened to me before distilling my life stories down to a single theme. When I didn’t think I had anything special, Rachel saw the best in me and helped me pick out episodes in my life that really highlighted my strength. Thanks to her heavy lifting at the beginning, I did not feel stressed despite only starting to write the essays one month before the deadlines.

Throughout the process, Rachel was upfront but respectful, persistent but not pushy. During my moments of panic (e.g. after I thought I screwed up my interview) and self doubt, she was the one that stayed focused and helped me get back on track. She was instrumental in helping me get into HBS.

I also liked mbaMission’s systematic approach. After hearing from other friends about the services that they used, I feel like mbaMission’s framework really helped me save a lot of time throughout the process.

I highly recommend Rachel and mbaMission to anyone who considers business school!

HBS Admit (via GMAT Club)

I found Rachel Beck to be highly creative, responsive, eloquent, supportive and most importantly honest during my few months working with her on my applications. I recommend her to anyone applying to business school, especially those applying to top programs.

For context, I have a somewhat traditional finance background, IB and Corp Dev, and am a white male so differentiating myself was going to be key for creating a successful application. Other stats: >730 GMAT and >3.7 GPA from a state school.

When I started the application process I interviewed three consultants from three different companies. Rachel stood out because she conveyed solid ideas off the bat and understood & summarized my background very well. Her experience as a Columbia MBA, MBA consultant and business writer shined through.

I tend to be organized and process driven and treated my applications as such. Rachel set expectations around our process - essay turn around, organizing calls and email response - and kept to her word. She executed drafts consistently; I would often wake up with new drafts in my inbox sent at 530AM EST whenever there was a draft to be processed. I found this particularly helpful because I work long hours and did much of my edits at night.

Not only did Rachel do a great job with execution, but she also offered unique insights and strategies into my essays and short answers. I organized many calls to discuss her thoughts and ideas for essays knowing that she would almost always go back to my brainstorming documents to approach my background with a variety of perspectives. I appreciated that extra leg work. Additionally, she wasn’t afraid to use the mbaMission brain trust and experience from other consultants often sighting their input when communicating her ideas or confirming mine.

Rachel did very well with interview prep. Having herself interviewed for CBS, she knows how to frame the conversation as an interviewer would, simulating the experience well. She offered excellent framework for responding to certain tough questions and pointed out areas of weakness.

Finally, I would be remiss not to address her supportiveness throughout. Rachel’s calm demeanor and practical approach kept me cool when I received interviews and as deadlines approached. You’d be surprised how important this is.

Again, I 100% recommend Rachel Beck as a consultant to anyone interested in applying to business school – I know I wouldn’t have gotten into Wharton without her help. She is clearly top tier.

Wharton Admit (via GMAT Club)

I highly recommend working with Rachel Beck at mbaMission; this was the BEST decision I made during the admission process.

Rachel is innovative, dependable, organized, genuinely caring and always on time. From the start, she helped me to break down the intimidating application process and create realistic deadlines for myself. mbaMission’s comprehensive approach, to attack each school’s application with an initial brainstorm and then work on iterations of each essay was crucial for keeping me organized while applying to 7 schools. Rachel was always able to provide an answer to any question or review an essay within 2 business days—she is super organized.

By taking the time to get to know me and learn about my experiences, Rachel was able to help me think of new angles to essay topics. She always had a new idea of how to spice up or reframe a story.

Whenever I hit a roadblock—whether I was stuck on an essay topic or worried about video interviews—Rachel would take the time to talk me through the issue and find a solution. If ever Rachel did not have specific information about an application off the top of her head, she would be sure to follow up with her team to best answer my questions.

Not only does Rachel have inventive ideas about approaching applications, she provides great moral support through this trying time and helped me to keep a positive attitude.

I’ve been accepted to 4 of the 6 business schools to which I applied and also received scholarships from 3! Working with Rachel Beck was a great return on investment and true pleasure!! I appreciate all of your hard work!

Kellogg, Columbia Business School, Yale SOM and NYU Stern Admit (via GMAT Club)

I recently worked with Rachel on a 3 school package for Round 1 in the Fall of 2017. I would strongly recommend using Rachel for any candidate considering using an admissions consultant to guide you through the process.

Rachel made what is an extremely stressful and hectic process feel very seamless. From our first brainstorm call through submission of the applications, she helps you stay on top of all of your tasks, which can pile up as the process unfolds, while also making sure you are putting on the best impression for admission committees. For me, Rachel's guidance on the application essays was most critical. Where my essay's ended versus where they would have been had I had not worked with Rachel is truly night and day.

Now, candidates who plan to use a consultant should be aware that you still need to come prepared to work, and work hard. Rachel and other consultants can guide, navigate and keep you organized and on task, but you need to do the work.

I ended up getting into my top choice program and will be enrolling in the Fall of 2018. Surely, Rachel's help was a huge factor for my being admitted to my dream program.

Wharton Admit (via GMAT Club)

Personal background: International applicant, Female, BB IBD, liberal undergrad, low GMAT(720, which is a weakness compared to the Asian pool), Re-applicant (first tried in R2’2017 but failed), Accomplished a few work and non-work initiatives between R2’2017 to R1’2018 and also got a stronger endorsement from current / previous supervisors

School package - worked on 3 schools (Booth-reapplicant; Wharton-reapplicant; Columbia-Early decision) with Rachel.

Rachel is very helpful and patient in helping me go through the application process in 2017. After the “disaster” in the R2’2017, Rachel helped me regain the self-confidence and reshape a better appearance before the AdCom.

Just like what I’ve done in investment banking, there are a few investment highlights that you should choose Rachel as your admission consultant.

  • Efficient and effective working pattern: Rachel is very punctual on turnaround time, which is less than 24 hours. She always uses efficient tools to track our back-and-forth edits and comments; also she is very helpful in addressing any application-related issues and ideas that came into my mind.
  • Professional writing as an ex-reporter: As an intl. applicant whose mother tongue is not English, I was worried about my writing. Rachel helped me a lot on this part - she would help rephrase my ideas into a more succinct and native way.
  • Great communicator in brainstorming session: Rachel is very proactive in expressing her ideas and comments which she concluded from my prior experiences. I have to admit that applicants sometimes would neglect those shining points which are very valuable from an Adcom’s perspective. Rachel is very helpful in giving me guidance to “plunge deeper” into myself.
After initial setback / ding from Columbia Early Decision, Rachel assured me to remain confident and carry out the plan. I feel grateful that our joint efforts finally won me the ticket to four bschools - Kellogg, Berkeley Haas, INSEAD, and Darden. I have decided to go to Kellogg!

Kellogg, INSEAD, Darden, Haas Admit (via GMAT Club)

Navigating the MBA application process is quite daunting, it can be even more nerve-racking when you are short of time, have a busy life style, and have targeted only top business schools. It was exactly my case when I decided to work with mbaMission. I started the application process without GMAT and recommenders. I didn’t even narrow down my school choices.

I had couple of free consultation sessions, and with no doubt, Rachel Beck stood out immediately. Rachel was a terrific help throughout my application process, and in my opinion she is not only a great consultant, but also an incredible mentor. What I loved about Rachel was her creative mind, her enthusiasm to know my personality, and her true passion about my success. Rachel has a powerful writing skill, and truly engages with your story.

I worked with Rachel Beck on a two-school package (Wharton and CBS) and I have been admitted to both schools. Rachel has a great insight into b-schools and helped me from school selection process to the interview preparation.

She took time to analyze my educational and professional background, understood my stories and emphasized those stories that clearly illustrated my strength. That was impressive to see how she linked each pieces of my application together and produce a well-written application, perfectly describing my achievements and my vision for future.

The MBA consultancy is not just about writing flawless essays, it is really about helping you to learn about yourself and to build your professional brand that will stay with you for years to come. Rachel is simply the BEST at building your professional brand.

I owe her a big THANK YOU for her guidance getting me here. I wouldn't be able to make it without her.

Wharton and Columbia EMBA Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with Rachel Beck on the two school package for Columbia Business School and London Business School.

I was immediately impressed by Rachel’s thorough knowledge of the admissions process. I also think her background in journalism serves her well when it comes to drawing out interesting aspects of a candidate’s background. When it comes to me personally, I did not have a traditional background and had a weak GPA (3.0) but a very strong GMAT (750). She dug in immediately and spent hours on the phone with me talking through my background, and the aspects that would resonate with the admissions boards of the schools that interested me.

We then set about the writing process, which began with conceptual discussions which evolved into outlines and then first drafts followed by numerous rounds of back-and-forth editing. The progress was steady and on schedule (I’m sure I would have fallen behind, if not for Rachel). Importantly, Rachel was always extremely responsive and did thoughtful work that improved my essays in a quick amount of time.

I was very happy with the finished product, because it was not only polished and tight, but also an honest reflection of the person I am. When it came to interviewing, Rachel made the process a calm exercise. She conducted mock interviews with me and didn’t rest until I was fully prepared. Her approach made the (somewhat daunting) prospect of a business school interview totally do-able.

The final result was acceptance to both schools, and I don’t think I could have done it without Rachel’s help.

Columbia Business School and London Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I found my experience with mbaMission to be incredibly rewarding and it absolutely helped me to be admitted to my top choice business school. My consultant was always available and her comments and critiques helped build my essays and resume into the best possible version.

Rachel, the consultant I worked with from mbaMission, was instrumental in my successful application to business school. Through conversation and email, I felt that she truly understood the story I had to tell and the reasons why I wanted to go to business school and then she pushed me to write the strongest versions of that story. Rachel was especially helpful at cutting to the core of thoughts and helped me cut paragraphs down to sentences — a vital task when the essay can only be a limited number of words.

I felt like she was my partner in the entire application process and would recommend her to anyone seeking admission to a top tier business school.

Harvard Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with Rachel Beck on my business school applications this fall, and I was accepted to all 3 of the schools that I worked on with her (all 3 are top 10 programs, 2 are top 5).

Rachel was instrumental in helping me find and tell my story. Having somewhat of a traditional business school applicant background, Rachel helped me identify my unique qualities and experiences, and worked with me to craft a story that was engaging and distinct. On top of that, Rachel was also a pleasure to work with — responsive, constructive and encouraging. She was a great sounding board throughout the process as I often bounced ideas off of her to get constructive and thoughtful feedback.

I signed up for the complete package and this was the best choice for me. By going this route, I did not feel rushed during any of our conversations and could set up phone calls as frequently as needed. This allowed me to really dive into brainstorming conversations to develop my story. I also liked that working with a consultant provided structure to the process and helped me stick to timelines, so I never felt pinched for time.

The end result of the business school application process was overwhelmingly positive for me. I have a handful of amazing programs to choose from (and many come with scholarships which may point to a potential ROI from working with a consultant).

I highly recommend working with a consultant as it provided structure and enabled me to find my story, and I would recommend Rachel to everyone. I can not imagine going through the application process any other way.

Wharton and Kellogg Admit (via GMAT Club)

For those just starting the process,

When I first started balancing the admissions process along with a full time job in financial services, I was certainly overwhelmed. I was unfamiliar with the admissions process, what would be expected in my essays, and how to differentiate myself. But with Rachel’s help, the daunting process became much more seamless. Rachel was flexible, patient, and really worked tirelessly to help me discover “my story.” There were countless brainstorming sessions just to get to know me, which ensured my personality/goals were properly condensed into 250-word essays.

Rachel’s career in journalism certainly helped. Once we found my story, she really showed the difference between “telling” it and “showing” it. Together, we found ways for my words to “jump off the page” so the admissions committee could understand who I am without me telling them.

But aside from the brainstorming and numerous edits of my essays, Rachel became a real confidant and someone I could trust to guide me through the process. There were many panicked phone calls and late night emails, but she always responded promptly, reassuringly, and insightfully. I can’t imagine how I would have gone through the process without her. After I heard that I had been accepted to my first choice, there was only one person I had to call first, and that was Rachel. I highly recommend her to those just starting out.

Columbia Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

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