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I cannot say enough good things about Nisha and mbaMission overall. I was not originally planning to use a consulting service, but I am so glad I reached out for help.

I got started a little late in the application process, but felt immediately relieved after my first call with Nisha. Once she had an idea of my background and goals, we hit the ground running. I felt like I knew my story but was having a difficult time making it clear and concise on paper. Nisha really took the time to understand the nuances of my experiences and my short term and long term goals. She used this understanding to make thoughtful and tangible recommendations on my essays.

Nisha provided valuable insight on the essays, but one of the biggest benefits of working with her was her ability to view my application overall. For example, I was worried about my not-so-stellar GMAT score, but Nisha helped me think through ways to offset it throughout the application.

While brainstorming, drafting, and editing essays was the biggest reason I sought help, Nisha was willing to assist however I needed it. She made herself available for questions on any part of the process: campus visits, meeting with current students / admissions, etc. Having someone to ask the seemingly dumb questions along the way was such a relief.

From my free 30 minute consultation all the way through interview preparation, I was thoroughly impressed with Nisha’s enthusiasm and willingness to help however and whenever I needed it. Thanks to Nisha and mbaMission, I got in to my top choice and I could not be more thrilled!

CBS Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was accepted to Chicago Booth with a sizeable scholarship! It was my top choice so I’m very excited. Thank you for your help with the essays!!

Chicago Booth Admit

I started working with Nisha a bit late in the game - meaning I had already taken the GMAT twice, recruited my references and I was only about 3 months out from application deadlines. I was aiming for 4 top 10 MBA programs and had high expectations. Nisha hit the ground running with me for resume and essay reviews and edits. Given that each school had their own 2-3 essay prompts, documents were flying back and forth between us daily. She really knew how to tailor each essay to the particular school and knew the inside scoop on each admission committee.

Nisha not only helped me have amazing essays, but she helped me stay true to myself so that my personal stories captured the admissions committees’ attention. She is a genius at getting word count down without cutting out meaning and creativity. Beyond the written work, Nisha was amazing at making me feel confident in my applications and helped me keep a level head when it was getting down to crunch time. Her calm, collected personality was the perfect compliment to mine as I was often stressed and seriously limited for time.

Nisha was incredibly dedicated to me with time as well. She always made sure to return edits to me no later than the next day, often in the same day. She worked over the holidays with me and even on weekends. It never felt like she was just “doing her job” it truly felt like she was doing anything and everything she could to help me succeed.

Once applications were submitted, Nisha helped me with interview prep, knowing not only the style of the interview but also knowing the exact questions they were going to ask. One killer resume, 10 impactful essays, and several interviews later, I am about to start my full time MBA at a top 10 program with many thanks to Nisha. I could not have done this without her!

NYU Stern Admit (via GMAT Club)

I started with just one hour of service, thinking I would have an essay or two reviewed for structure just to calm my nerves about the process. Once I started with Nisha, I realized I was getting a lot more. She was able to dissect my own ideas in a way that I hadn’t been able to see them. She really took the time to understand what I was trying to convey and had no problem pulling in other mbaMission consultants when she thought they might have a useful angle. She also did not hesitate to push me. She demanded perfection, yet supported my in a way that really just worked! I am certain that I would not be smiling with two acceptance letters at this point if it was not for her truly caring. I could go on about her ability and passion but I will just leave at this. Working with Nisha was the best decision I made through the whole MBA process!

Kellogg and Fuqua Admit (via GMAT Club)

It is an understatement to say I would not have gotten into business school without the help of Nisha from mbaMission. Throughout our one year working together, Nisha was a guide and thought partner I could count on. Her thoughtful feedback, rapid turnarounds, and ability to leverage other mbaMission resources made a huge difference in my candidacy.

Nisha got to know me pretty well, despite just working on an hourly engagement. Thus, she was able to give me personalized feedback at all levels: from clarifying and tightening essay language to guidance on how I could improve my overall applicant profile. Nisha provided this feedback consistently much faster than the 2-day turnaround requirement. To drive this point home: Nisha returned feedback on an essay to me within 24 hrs while on the flight to her wedding. Nisha also went above and beyond by pulling on other mbaMission resources to help me. For example, Nisha asked her colleagues for feedback on one of my video essays and shared valuable content on what specific schools look for, which was not something you could find anywhere else.

In summary, Nisha was an essential partner on my journey to business school, someone I could rely on to have my back at a moment’s notice. I can’t recommend her or mbaMission highly enough!

Wharton Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with Nisha & mbaMission through the hourly package - as I had already narrowed down my schools and had an idea of what my application would look like. After spending some time understanding my goals and motivation for an MBA, we started outlining the stories that I wanted to tell in each of my essays. Nisha really helped me get my thoughts together and put them down in an essay in a clear and concise way. Nisha was very responsive even through the critical holiday season (I had applied in round 2 - in December/January) and her insights were extremely helpful. I was waitlisted at one of my top choices, and Nisha was extremely helpful in sending additional updates, which eventually helped me get in!

B-School Admit (via Poets&Quants)

I was accepted to Haas, which I am thrilled about... Thank you again for your help with my applications and helping reach this successful outcome!

Haas Admit

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the opportunities that have arisen - and can’t thank you enough for all of your time and effort to help make them happen. There’s truly no way this would be happening without you! I’m so thrilled about my offers from Stern and Anderson, and appreciative of your instrumental role in this process.

NYU Stern and UCLA Anderson Admit

I am happy to write this review about Nisha Trivedi. I used MBA Mission’s alacarte hourly services, and used Nisha’s gudidance to review and fine tune my resume, and to brainstorm and proof read essays.

Nisha was great, and provided accurate, and honest feedback. When I spoke to her for during our first 30 minute free consultation, I felt that she really made an effort to get to know me, my preferences, and needs.

She answered emails, and returned edited essays promptly. I also found the mock interviews I did with her to be immensely helpful in preparing for the real interview.

I am happy to share that with Nisha’s assistance, I got accepted at all 4 of the top 25 universities I applied to. (Booth, Ross, Tepper, Kelley).

Booth, Ross, Tepper & Kelley Admit (via GMAT Club)

I wanted to thank you for all the help! I was accepted to Kellogg and Duke and was waitlisted at MIT! I really could not have done this without all of your help. I just want to say thank you so much!!

Kellogg and Duke Fuqua Admit

I worked with Nisha Trivedi through my entire application process. I can honestly say I would not have been admitted to these schools without her help. She does a great job at helping you combine elements into a cohesive story that anyone can understand. She also takes the time to explain her thought process and provide options when selecting statements/stories. I would recommend Nisha to anyone in the process - she can pick up at any point, work with any personality (she's also worked with two of my friends), and help you deliver the best version for each school!

Kellogg & Fuqua Admit (via GMAT Club)

I wanted to share the amazing news that I got accepted into CBS!!! Thank you so much for your help throughout this entire process. You were really amazing to work with!

Columbia Business School Admit

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