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Susan was an amazing coach and partner throughout the intense MBA application process. She really sought to get to know me on a deeper level and understand my journey, learnings, and aspirations. This was key to helping me connect the dots across my experiences and craft an authentic and more effective narrative. She shared very detailed advice and feedback that were tailored to the HBS application process, both on my resume/essay and during mock interviews. The mock interviews felt very close to the real-life HBS interview given her grasp of the core messages that I personally needed to get across and of the HBS process. She was always very responsive to help address any last-minute questions and doubts.

Susan is clearly passionate about helping students deeply reflect on their journeys and realize their ambitions! She has become a mentor in many ways whom I feel I can reach out to for advice on how to best navigate the Harvard MBA experience and connected me several times with other students who share similar interests.

HBS Admit

Susan offered truly exceptional support for my applications. I was particularly impressed by her ability to step into my shoes and develop such an accurate understanding of both my background and aspirations in a short amount of time. It took her no more than a couple of sessions to explore my motivations, my strengths, and personality.

She is an incredibly gifted storyteller. Her outstanding academic studies and extensive professional experience make her a seasoned specialist in graduate school admissions. She speaks the language of admissions officers; she knows the top schools. The substantial amendments she made to my personal statements brought the cohesion, clarity, and gravitas that were critically lacking.

I tremendously enjoyed building and refining my applications with Susan. She was attentive to my particular expectations, always available, and fast to provide comments. Her outstanding support was no doubt decisive in me being offered to study at one of the most prestigious schools.

Columbia Business School Admit

Susan’s guidance and expertise was invaluable throughout every step of the business school application process. From crafting a strong personal narrative to choosing the right schools to target, Susan was there for me every step of the way. Susan was always available to answer any questions I had and provided insightful feedback on both application strategy and materials. Thanks to her support, I am now attending my dream business school and I couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend Susan to anyone seeking assistance with the business school application process.

Chicago Booth Admit

Susan’s unwavering support was critical in gaining my admission to UCLA Anderson, where I am joining the class of 2025 to pursue a career in the media and entertainment industry.

Rather than sticking to a one-size fits all approach, Susan invested a great amount of time from the get-go to hear my story and understand every detail and aspect of it, and therefore tailor her approach to my needs and help me craft an authentic application that does justice to who I am. Every question and every conversation helped me understand myself better and uncover parts of my journey that I often overlooked, which will serve me beyond my journey to get an MBA.

While my work experience and extracurricular activities were strong, being an international student my standardized tests scores were on the lower range. I wanted to work with a consultant who could help craft my story to overcome any hesitations that an admission committee would have about my application. After meeting with Susan, she truly believed I had an exciting story and goals that could be leveraged to be admitted into any top Business school.

She was always very prompt in answering questions related to the application, was always available to jump on a call to brainstorm ideas, and went above and beyond to help me get exactly where I was supposed to be. She believed in my application more than I did and never lost faith in me, which is key in this long process that can become very personal at times. When I struggled to verbalize my thoughts, Susan reassuring presence was always there to help and guide. At every stage of the process, I knew I had someone in my corner who would make sure I never leave any stone unturned, always knew how to synthesize my thoughts better than I could ever do, and showed more patience and willingness to help than I could have ever imagined.

Susan went above and beyond her duties as a consultant. She quickly became a friend, guide, and mentor; someone I can turn to for advice not just when it relates to Business school.

I cannot recommend Susan enough regardless of your background or the school you are targeting. Susan can guide you seamlessly throughout the process of finding your greatest strengths as a candidate and then piecing together the puzzle of your story to put forward an authentic application showcasing what makes you a unique candidate for your target school.

UCLA Anderson Admit

I decided I wanted to apply for HBS deferred MBA a few days before the deadline and only had a draft essay the day before it was due. I contacted Susan with only 2 days left until the HBS deadline and she got to work right away. If I'm honest, compared to the anxiety and stress I felt with my other applications (to MIT and Columbia deferred, using another very well esteemed consultant), I really felt supported by Susan. She was lovely, reassuring and she really helped me turn my essay around quickly whilst retaining my voice and messaging. She was a bright and bubbly person and in a process where chances of rejection are high even for the best candidate, I was feeling demotivated before speaking to her. Her writing and storytelling skills were amazing, she constantly checked that I was happy with her suggested changes and I could feel she genuinely wanted to help. Even though the whole process went by quickly, I feel as though with Susan’s help I was able to give it my all and present myself in the very best way I could. My initial feeling from consultants was usually that they just wanted my money and me obtaining a place was a byproduct. After making the choice to work with Susan, I felt like someone was rooting for me - as I’m from the UK and most of my friends/parents have no idea what I have been spending my time and money applying for.

When I got an interview at HBS, I used Susan again for interview prep - and I got into Harvard Business School! I was rejected from Columbia and MIT, and didn't use her for those - so a true testament to her work.

HBS Admit

Working with Susan was instrumental in my success during the MBA admissions process. The application process can feel overwhelming, daunting, and ambiguous at times. Susan was there throughout each step of the process and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident about the quality of my application. One component of Susan’s process that I felt made a significant difference was that she took the time to really get to know me as a person. She knew the major milestones in my life, my career, and even my upbringing. Her process of getting to know me was instrumental in curating essays that were truly a reflection of me, and I was thrilled with how they turned out.

Susan did a fantastic job of framing my application in a way that would appeal to the admissions committee. While it’s easy to think of an MBA application as the summation of different parts, Susan views the process more holistically. She was incredible at helping me answer the question “Why business school?” and then using the different components of my application to strengthen my argument. Without her guidance, I don’t think my Darden application would have been as compelling.

UVA Darden Admit

I had the opportunity to work with Susan in winter 2020/2021 during my MBA application process. I would highly recommend working with Susan to anyone I know. Susan provided valuable guidance on my application strategy, significantly improved the quality of my applications, and was, overall, a joy to work with.

Susan prioritized getting to know me as a person rather than just a client. We spent time discussing my background, reasons for applying for an MBA, and future aspirations. Susan was curious and insightful, and we worked together to shape my application strategy based on these discussions. As a result, I felt more confident about my target schools and the story I would tell on each application.

When it came time to draft the applications, Susan’s guidance and review improved the quality of my applications far beyond my expectations and what I would have been able to achieve working alone. She has extensive expertise in the MBA admissions space and provided many insights on how I can tell my story more effectively. Her efforts to get to know me personally made her feedback consistently thoughtful, impactful, and insightful. Also, Susan is a highly effective writer, and reviewed my essays with the shrewd and detailed eye of an editor. As we continued to work, my confidence in my applications steadily increased.

Finally, Susan is a fantastic human being and a pleasure to work with. She is supportive, thoughtful, and kind (and also quite funny!). She thoroughly understands the concerns and stresses of going through the application process, and she does a great job helping to alleviate them. Beyond her help with my applications, Susan’s intellectual and emotional support helped me feel more at ease and confident in myself. Instead of dreading the application process, I ended up actually enjoying and looking forward to it with Susan’s help!

London Business School Admit

Susan was such a pivotal point in my MBA journey. It was only a little over 2 months before the application deadlines that I had started with Susan. I was feeling down, insecure and honestly wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it through. She was not only instrumental in helping me craft my story but she was also incredibly good at helping me build my confidence back again. She was able to pick bits and pieces in my journey that stand out the most and help me identify which of my accomplishments would be the most attractive to the admissions. There are so many emotional roller coasters in this journey and without her support and confidence in me, I’m not sure if I would be here today. Thanks to her, I am in my dream school now and my life has changed forever.

USC Marshall Admit

Susan’s expertise, dedication, and support played a critical role in my MBA admissions journey. I was able to navigate the complex and competitive admissions process, which resulted in a better-than-expected outcome! From the moment Susan and I started working together, her deep understanding of the MBA landscape was evident and ensured my unique story came through all aspects of my application in the most compelling way possible. Future clients will benefit tremendously from Susan's insight and guidance.

Columbia EMBA Admit

My time working with Susan has been nothing short of great. The process of applying to MBA programs is a stressful process with a lot of uncertainty, hard deadlines, and an incredibly competitive environment (when applying to top 10 MBA programs globally). The blackbox that engulfs the process of applying to MBA programs is a known truth, and is a process that needs to be navigated in a skillful way. Susan’s incredible knowledge of this process made the process less stressful. Susan made me feel supported, motivated and confident of my personal progress through this hectic process. Not only was I able to successfully apply and be admitted to the programs I applied to, but I was also able to find my purpose for applying to an MBA, allowing that to shine through in the MBA application process. The reasons I originally decided to apply to the MBA morphed during the process and allowed me to be original and truthful during the MBA application process. This wouldn’t have been possible without Susan’s help. Furthermore, Susan made herself available at anytime I needed it, adding to the feeling of being supported through a process that can feel lonely at times. If you are looking for an MBA admissions specialist that will be truthful about your chances of getting into certain MBA programs, that will allow you to extract your best self during the process, and also give you clarity on WHY you want to do an MBA, Susan is the go to person. I am glad to have met Susan, and am happy to know that she is in my corner during the process and beyond!

IESE Admit

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