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Heidi was incredibly valuable in my application process. While I was initially overwhelmed by the process, Heidi helped me craft my overall story, develop essay topics, and provide suggestions on how to improve my essays. This support was extremely helpful, as I ended up with the good fortune of being accepted to both HBS and Stanford.

Stanford GSB Admit

Choosing to work with Heidi was by far the best decision I took in the application cycle. Heidi helped me to make a perfect combination of schools and application rounds and provided strategic advice on how to position myself. She was the perfect mix of a critic and a coach.

Heidi took utmost efforts in getting to know me as an applicant and later used that knowledge to put my best case forward. I sincerely believe that it was her extremely professional approach and dedicated service that ultimately gained me admission to Wharton

Wharton Lauder Admit

I had failed the first time around in getting into the top 5 schools. I had about a month to prepare my Chicago Booth application and Heidi completely revamped the way I thought of the process, helped me develop a much stronger story, and really helped me round out my application. She spent the time not only giving me comments but explaining the thought process behind them and spending time over phone and email helping me understand why.

After getting in, the head of admissions for Chicago Booth let me know that my two applications (the previous year’s denial and the following acceptance) were night and day from each other. While the previous one demonstrated “I just want to get a new job so please let me into business school” with no clear sense of direction or rationale, my second application, with the help of Heidi, conveyed a real sense of direction and understanding of the power of business school and what it could do for me.

Thanks to Heidi, I not only was able to get into a top business school, but I also was able to get one of the most sought after internships (Goldman Sachs investment banking). I am proud to be able to say that I am now a fellow alum and look forward to having Heidi help more great candidates demonstrate their true potential in their applications.

Chicago Booth Admit

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for advising me during the application process for Chicago Booth. I structured my essays and refined my resume according to your recommendations … A few days ago I received a call from the director of admissions at Booth to let me know that my application did stand out and I was told that they had fun and enjoyed reading it. Finally, this week I have been offered a place in the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive MBA. … Also, thank you for being so candid and professional during this process. You did an incredible job and represented the school very well.

Chicago Booth EMBA Admit

Working with Heidi Granner in preparing my Round 2 applications was one of the best things I did towards my goal of attending a top MBA program … The initial assessment was really honest but more importantly, it helped bring out aspects of my candidacy I would have ignored that admission officers were very interested in (as I found in during my interviews). The structure also suited my personality and style. The time table to meet each deadline was very aggressive but also structured in such a way that each task built on previous work. All through the iteration of my essays, letters of recommendation and resume, the feedback only made my package better. This was also the case during each of the mock interviews. Our conversations were also very candid and friendly.

I got accepted to Sloan, Kellogg, Booth … Heidi contributed directly in my success.

MIT Sloan, Kellogg and Chicago Booth Admit

Last year I applied to four top 15 programs in round one using hourly services with mbaMission’s Heidi Granner.

I applied to programs last year following 7 years of work experience in the US military and government. While my undergrad GPA was high and my work experience was solid, my degree was from a relatively unknown regional school and my GRE score was below average for the schools I was targeting. I chose mbaMission because it had been recommended to me by several other veterans who had successfully navigated the admissions process.

Heidi was critical to my admission to my number one pick school. My work experience was a melange of jargon and acronyms that straddled both active duty military and reserve jobs—confusing to say the least. Heidi’s unbiased outside perspective enabled me to make my work experience easier to understand for those outside the military/government, and to highlight my unique experience in my resume and essays.

To date, I have not met anyone with my background applying to MBA programs. Heidi gave me perspective on what schools I should target and which schools would be reaches. This greatly increased the efficiency in which I could complete my applications.

Early on in my search for admissions consultants I thought about reaching out to consultants (former military themselves) that specialize in military applicants. However, my personal opinion is that admissions consultants that are former military can sometimes be biased and assume certain work experiences are easily understood by others outside the military. Most adcom members and recruiters are not former military members, and I decided to use a consultant whose experience was the same as what I hoped to achieve after an MBA. Heidi greatly helped me “civilianize” my resume and make it easily understandable.

Ultimately, I got into my first choice and withdrew my other applications. mbaMission and Heidi Granner exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I am so thankful that I made the decision to use Heidi and mbaMission when I started the business school application process.

As I began applying, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. Looking at the long list of things I needed to do, and the statistics of how competitive it would be to get accepted to a top ten school, I had no idea where to start. Heidi structured the process in a way that I only had to think about one school/deliverable at a time. This made everything seem more manageable and achievable, and she guided me each step of the way.

Throughout the process, Heidi was my largest supporter and advocate. She provided the perfect balance between giving constructive criticism and helping me strengthen my thoughts, while still cheering me on and giving me the confidence to put my best foot forward. Throughout my application process, several of my friends and family members gave me their opinions, but Heidi’s was always the most valuable, as I knew that she was always thinking through the lens of an admissions officer.

After a lot of hard work and guidance from Heidi, I was accepted into 2 of my dream schools, and Heidi continued to be there for me as I made the tough decision over where to enroll. I could not have done all of this without her!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Heidi is the reason I was able to turn my application around from a ding into an acceptance and get into my top choice MBA program. As a result, I only had to submit one MBA application. As many applicants, I realized that my Personal Statements / Essays and the Resume will need to be exceptional. Heidi was essential in helping me craft a differentiated personal narrative that was articulated in my essays and strengthen my resume by highlighting the impact of my role in my company.

Looking back and reading the first draft of my essays and comparing them to the final product strikes a difference of day and night. My essays contained an arrogant tone, which often appears as we write about ourselves, and would be considered application-denied material. However, Heidi was able to transform those first drafts into a powerful narrative that helped frame my unique differentiators. Heidi was also very successful in turning my resume from a job description and overview of responsibilities into a strong narrative of my impact, strengths, and success. Furthermore, her input into the other portions of my application based on her specific knowledge of what each school wants was invaluable and saved me from making multiple disastrous mistakes.

Along with Heidi’s superb eye and laser focus on creating a winning application, what I really enjoyed about working with Heidi was that the process didn’t become overly time consuming. Heidi was able to pick up where I left off and provide sufficient feedback for me to continue iterating my application. 100% of our collaboration happened via email, which was very impressive.

Working with Heidi was the best decision I made and I would highly recommend no one else but Heidi at mbaMission as your admissions consultant!

Columbia EMBA Admit

Heidi was very engaged and helpful. Have spoken with consultants from other companies who were just trying to push their services in initial consultation. Heidi let her work speak for itself.

B-School Applicant

Heidi was excellent addressing some of the biggest concerns I had about attending business schools, and gave me very good suggestions on schools to consider as well. It was well worth the time to speak to her.

B-School Applicant

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