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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with John Sisk on my b-school applications. He was really great both at putting together the actual application and being a “hand holder,” which I definitely needed. Best of all, I got into my first choice school (Stanford).

Stanford GSB Admit

I cannot think of enough great things to say about mbaMission! The school package really helped me navigate the entire MBA application process from start to finish.

My consultant, John, was phenomenal to work with and exceeded all of my expectations. He provided thoughtful, constructive feedback for every element of my application, his turnaround times were always quick and he was more than patient with me, willing to answer any and all questions I had. After working with him for nearly 7 months I was accepted into my #1 school choice, something I truly believe I could not have schieved without his guidance.

If you are looking for some support during your application process, mbaMission is the absolute best way to go!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

John Sisk was an incredible and invaluable help throughout the admissions process, breaking down the daunting task of brainstorming, writing and applying into small, non-intimidating components. I still can’t believe how efficient and streamlined the process was. Sisk helped me refine my career story and shaped my application into the strongest I could make it. Due to his guidance and strategizing, I was invited to interview. And thanks to his rehearsing with me, my interview went really well, and I will be joining the Stanford GSB class of 2016. It is definitely worth working with Mbamission if you want to get into your dream school. Thank you again John!

Stanford GSB Admit (via GMAT Club)

As an applicant from a nontraditional background, I knew I needed help with my essays if I wanted to get into a top program.

MBAMission and John in particular provided excellent, concise and direct instructions and feedback on all essays. Especially since John and I came from similar professional pre-MBA backgrounds, I felt he had a true sense of what I was going through and could relate to all of my questions and concerns.

There is no way my essays would have turned out as clear and direct without his guidance and I would absolutely recommend MBA Mission to anyone who is serious about getting into a top-ranked MBA program.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with John Sisk, and he helped me get into my first choice b-school despite having a sub-700 GMAT. John was timely, professional, and best of all he was honest. I met with a few other admissions consultants who were clearly trying to pump me up to get a sale.

John’s work with my essays definitely exemplified mbaMission’s value prop. Because all the consultants have backgrounds in journalism, they are able to help you hone your story effectively. Since there are thousands of business school applicants with similar credentials, articulating your story succinctly and convincingly is a critical differentiator. John understands this concept, and he was spot on in directing me through my essays, and I saw the results — just got into my top choice school! I highly recommend him, and mbaMission, if you’re looking to make yourself stand out as an applicant.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was a fringe candidate applying to a top business school. The bottom line is that I would not have been accepted without the help of mbaMission, and specifically John Sisk. He single-handedly improved my application by advising on my resume, essays, and anything else I needed. He also helped me develop my personal story, which is a must for admissions departments. Although expensive, I view it as a necessary investment for anyone pursuing an MBA at a top business school. I enthusiastically recommend John and his services. The service is unparalleled and the quality of his advice holds weight with top business schools.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

John Sisk was my admission consultant. I was impressed in our very first meeting - His questions came across as precise and well prepared. Post our first meeting, I was able to finish my application work in literally 2 weeks and I could not have done this without his expert advice. He does not just review your essays in isolation but intelligently thinks about the entire application. For example we finished 2 essays and while writing the third one, we realized that it was not adding anything new to my application given the first 2 essays. John brilliantly came up with a plan to re-focus the essays such that the overall application brought out my experience, education as well as personality. He is easy to work with, a good listener and very articulate in his communication. He also will go the extra mile to ensure that you meet your deadlines - staying up late in order to ensure that his reviews of my essay were done and I could update as needed. Overall I had a great experience working with him and he is simply the best!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Drafting resumes and essays that leave a positive, lasting impression is a difficult task, especially when admission to the school of your dreams is on the line. I knew a third-party, objective perspective would be crucial in crafting a successful application.

Hiring John Sisk from mbaMission was key to gaining admission to my top-choice school, NYU Stern. John understood the valuable qualities of my candidacy and how they should be emphasized throughout my application. He brought out my story, showing where I had been and where the MBA will take me. He made my statements stronger. Finally, knowing that he has been through the process himself — he is a Stern alumnus — provided the confidence that sustained me throughout the process.

I whole-heartedly recommend John Sisk from mbaMission. He assisted me in beginning the next chapter of my life.

NYU Stern Admit (via GMAT Club)

This was my second time to the application rodeo. Three years ago, I applied and got dinged everywhere. I took some time off the applications process, got a new job and decided this year was the year I needed to go to school.

After 7 years post-undergrad, I felt I had a lot of stories and trouble finding the right ones. I also have non-traditional background and non-traditional career goals. On top of that, I had low GMAT and GPA. With all of these factors, I wanted to pony up for a consultant and find someone who would be a trusted advisor throughout the process.

I had my initial consultation with Rachel who, given my needs for editing support and career vision, recommended John.

John has a direct and efficient working style which I appreciated. “I’m going to take a hammer to your first draft.” Go right ahead, John!

Early in the process, John picked up on an old career goal - something I thought was irrelevant. In our discussions, John showed how I could reposition a previous career goal into a strong foundation for my essays. In fact, I still use this repositioning in my networking. John’s prior experience in Stern’s career center really paid off here.

From the smallest grammatical detail to the larger picture we were trying to paint, John was incredibly supportive. I credit this with his journalist background. I felt strong investment from him in getting to know me and the experiences that shaped me and would make my a strong candidate for an MBA.

In researching other consulting firms, I felt mbaMission’s personal touch and full-time model right for me. With other firms, I felt like I would be paying someone to walk me through a template process. With mbaMission, I felt John me truly customized service focusing on areas where I needed work and support in areas I knew I could handle on my own (interview prep). I was also weary of working with someone who was admissions consulting part-time or had a full-time day job.

In the end, I applied to four programs - all top 15 - and was accepted to two including my top choice. Profound thanks to John and mbaMission!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Overall, mbaMission was tremendous in helping me select/apply to business school. I downloaded most of their school guides and their start-to-finish guide and referenced them constantly throughout the process.

I worked with John Sisk and he was instrumental in guiding me through my applications. He listened to my story/goals and helped me construct a clear, focused approach to my essays.

John constantly pushed me to dig deeper on why I wanted to go back to school and why my goals made sense — my essays and applications were much better for it. He helped highlight my strengths but also didn’t hesitate to point out when my essays or ideas needed work. Applying to business school can be a humbling process, and John helped me fight through those moments of uncertainty.

I couldn’t have done it without John and I would highly recommend him to anybody else applying to business school.

Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

After an unsuccessful attempt at getting into bschool last year, I decide this year to enlist the help of a consultant. My initial consultation was with Rachel Beck. She could tell that I was beat down by the process of a year ago and really needed a good pep talk. She was also 100% not pushing mbaMission’s services and really left the decisions up to me. I was very impressed with the sales approach and eventually signed up to work with John Sisk. John was extremely helpful in getting me to get all of my ideas and experience on paper and into a few essays. Most of all, John let me tell the story I wanted to tell. A lot of other consultants had advised that if I wanted to go to bschool, I needed to tell a different story than what I actually wanted to do because I had some lofty goals that adcoms would frown upon. John let me tell that story and surprise surprise it worked. I was accepted in R2. My advice to other mba prospects is if a consultant wants to change your story for the sole purposes of the adcoms, get a new consultant - call John at mbaMission and get into bschool with the story you want to tell.

Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I just wanted to let you know what a positive experience I have had with my mbaMission consultant, John Sisk. He was always available, and always ready with ways to improve my candidacy. After 4 months of hard work, I was admitted to my target school! People often say “I could not have done it without you”, but in my case, I LITERALLY could not have done it without John. Given my non-traditional background and poor academic record, I was a longshot for any school. But with John’s continued support, patience, and enthusiasm, we were able to put together an application good enough for my dream school! If that doesn’t win John the Rockstar Consultant of the Year award, I don’t know what will! Thank you again so much for your all your help. John and mbaMission will definitely be hearing back from my referrals!

B-School Admit

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