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I feel like the luckiest person in the world, because I was accepted to every school I applied! I now have the difficult decision of choosing between Duke, Columbia, Wharton and Harvard!!

I am confident that I would not have submitted such strong applications or represented myself successfully in the interviews without your help - thank you so much!

HBS, Wharton, Duke Fuqua and Columbia Business School Admit

Thanks to your thoughtful advice and guidance, I’m heading to Evanston this August! As an international applicant, I had little idea of what I was getting into, and I had less than a month to figure it out. Based on internet forum chatter, I felt like I was too old, and my GPA was too low to get in anywhere. There’s no way I would have been successful without your help. You saved me from run-on sentences, unfocused statements, and content potholes. You helped me explain and demonstrate impact. You made me feel so much more confident about what I was getting into, and I always enjoyed the energy and excitement you brought to the process.

Thanks for being there with me through the process, putting up with my anxiety, and for helping me to put my best foot forward! You’re a rock star.

Kellogg Admit

Jen was very attentive and helpful throughout our process. I highly recommend her, particularly for those like myself who are “Nontraditional Applicants”. With her help I was admitted to Columbia Business School, my first choice.

She really helped me craft a story, focus only on what was important and squeeze the most out of the limited real estate provided by an MBA application. I would say this is where I got the most value out of the experience. I needed to structure my “pitch” if you will and Jen was invaluable in helping me hone in on what was compelling. Also, as a novice with no real insider sense of what MBA admissions wants, she gave me tips about how to conduct an interview, or how to structure an admissions (vs professional) resume. These tips were definitely not readily apparent to me and gave my application a polish I don’t think it would have had otherwise.

She was also upfront with me about what was feasible in the school selection phase; I never felt like she was upselling anything, leading me on etc. Her phone demeanor is really kind, friendly, and very easy to talk to. Our conversations were fun, professional, and always productive. I really felt like she was on my team, as though she was personally invested in my success.

Columbia Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I had a wonderful experience working with Jen Kedrowski. I believed the weakest aspect of my application was my work experience and Jen worked very hard to help me highlight my accomplishments and address my weaknesses. We also spent many productive hours preparing for interviews, of which I had six in a two week period. I chose Jen because she received her MBA from Cambridge and I was most interested in LBS, but this does not mean that she has limited knowledge of the American schools. Jen helped me get accepted to Booth, Yale, and Cambridge, and waitlisted at Dartmouth and LBS. If you are looking for a consultant who is very diligent, enthusiastic, reliable, and detail oriented, I would highly recommend Jen Kedrowski at mbaMission.

Chicago Booth, Yale SOM and Cambridge Admit (via GMAT Club)

Jen worked towards tight deadlines to help me to submit outstanding applications to LBS and Imperial Business School. She took the time to understand my personal story and helped me to shape essays and a video that brought out the best in me. When I was invited for interviews, Jen provided me with comprehensive mock interviews and followed up with very detailed feedback.

I was offered a place on my dream course at LBS and I was also offered Imperial College Business School’s highest scholarship. Jen was a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

London Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Your help with the essays and prep was invaluable. I've accepted my offer to attend Stanford GSB in the fall. I could not be more excited!! Thank you again for all your help!

Stanford GSB Admit

I used the hourly option from mbaMission and thought Jen did a fantastic job! I did not feel that I needed comprehensive application help so the hourly option worked well for me, allowing me to focus on revising drafts of my essays and short answers. In only 4 hours, Jen was able to help me complete 4 separate applications. Jen always provided thoughtful comments that helped focus my essays and clarify potential misconceptions. Her comments were timely (even during crunch time). I was particularly impressed by Jen's ability to cut words when necessary. Overall, a great experience! Thank you, mbaMission and Jen.

Wharton, Yale SOM and Columbia Admit (via GMAT Club)

I initially decided to do my free 30-minute consultation with Jen because I saw that she had done her MBA studies overseas (at Cambridge) and might possibly have better insight than other consultants with regard to my background (I had spent half my career overseas and didn’t want to just come across as “the international guy”). Jen told me in that call, that any of mbaMission’s consultants could help me present a solid narrative with my background, but I stayed with Jen because she came across very professionally and agreeably and came into that meeting with some great feedback prepared.

I was only applying to one program - Fuqua’s Cross Continent MBA, so I didn’t take advantage of any school selection or program compatibility services (Jen did advise that the program I’d chosen was a good fit, though).

I worked through the brainstorming exercises, which are used for all of mbaMission’s school package consultations. The exercises were very thorough and got me to reveal to myself all the content I needed to put together my application, essays and all. After brainstorming on my own, Jen helped me explore the content I’d generated from many different angles, to create an even more robust collection of information to draw from when it came to essay writing.

Essay writing was an iterative process, where each draft and round of feedback brought my application closer to the story I wanted to tell. Each essay needed 3-6 rounds of revision and feedback, each round taking 1-3 days. I really appreciated the quick turnaround and thoughtful feedback on the essays. The extensive writing and revision process, along with the brainstorm material used as the basis, allowed for very rigorous essay creation.

Jen also advised me on choosing and reconnecting with recommendation writers, and everything went very smoothly on that front.

When it came time to interview, Jen helped me prepare for a mock interview with her, again using the brainstorm material. The mock interview gave me a chance to get my jitters out of the way and get comfortable talking about myself and keeping responses within my overall narrative. The interview with the adcom member went as smoothly as possible and I felt confident and prepared throughout.

To conclude, I hired Jen via mbaMission with a clear goal in mind - to put in as much time and energy as I needed to put together the best application I could for the program I’d already chosen. Jen was an insightful and responsive coach throughout the process and gave , me tools which were extremely helpful in telling my story. I was looking for help primarily with essays and the interview, but Jen helped me make sure my application was strong on all fronts, and I was admitted to my program with scholarship.

Duke Fuqua Admit (via GMAT Club)

I worked with Jen Kedrowski for my EMBA application. We started with the background questionnaire and she spent around 1.5hr over phone with me probing into details on the answers I provided and highlighting key points that I should consider while writing my essays. I had 4 essays to write for my application. Her input, thought process, suggestions and edits made my essays stand out. She is very responsive and met timeline SLAs defined by mbaMission; and in some instances she exceeded expectations in meeting the timeframes. She would listen to my views and respond to my questions very patiently. There were times when we went back and forth and she was very patient in working with me to bring the best in my essays. She also helped me with resume review and overall application review.

She is always transparent on time spent supporting me as it was critical in the hourly pattern.

Overall, I strongly recommend Jen for anyone who is looking for honest and candid input in preparation to the Business School. I truly enjoyed working with her.

NYU Stern EMBA Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was hesitant about hiring an admission consultant due to the cost, but decided to sign up for the three-school package after speaking to some of my colleagues and friends. Working with Jen was one of the best decisions I made throughout my MBA application process and I am confident I would not have been admitted to my top choice program if it wasn’t for Jen’s guidance and encouragement. I come from a non-traditional background and Jen took the time to understand my story, helping me develop a competitive application.

From the beginning, Jen invested time to really understand my background and experience, which was extremely helpful as we started to review my application essays. Jen was honest and would let me know if she thought a section of application needed improvement. Her support, insight, and genuine personality made the application process less chaotic and working with her was enjoyable. Each email or phone call I had with Jen made feel better about the application process. She truly cares about the people she works with and even took the time to reach out to me when I was impacted by Hurricane Irma (I live in Florida).

Jen’s turnaround and response time are incredible and she would provide detailed recommendations and advice within a couple of days. This was especially helpful when I received an invitation to interview. Due to my interviewer’s availability, my interview was in three days and Jen scheduled a mock interview the next day to ensure I was fully prepared. Her guidance and advice was a major value throughout my application process and I highly recommend Jen to anyone applying to an MBA program.

CBS Admit (via GMAT Club)

I found the whole process to be fantastic. From the initial free consultation through to the interview prep, Jen was always prepared and knew my application inside out. The initial brainstorming session was great and very thorough as it got me to remember things that I had forgotten. A lot of care was taken with each draft and the responses was very timely. When prepping for interviews, Jen had a lot of clear and concise guidance on how to improve.

Jen helped a lot to answer all my many questions and she exceeded my expectations.

NYU Stern, Oxford, Cornell Admit (via GMAT Club)

I got some really exciting news: I got into HBS! I am so thrilled with this outcome, and I am so grateful for all the help I received, and feel your assistance on my essays was really important - thank you so much for everything!

HBS Admit

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