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Working with Gavriella gave me the confidence I needed to think through my story and my uniqueness as I approached my MBA applications. I loved our conversations and being able to share thoughts and ideas with her, and I felt strongly that she understood who I was. I honestly feel that I wouldn’t have gotten into my dream school without Gavriella’s guidance, encouragement, and of course, essay editing (she’s an absolute superstar!). I would recommend her to ANYONE working on the MBA application process; she’s was my lucky charm.

B-School Admit

Gavriella was instrumental to my application process. She helped me tease out stories that were authentic and compelling and convey them memorably. She was really motivating, always encouraging me to deliver better than my best. I never doubted she was always giving the same. And it paid off—I got into CBS, my number one choice.

Columbia Business School Admit

The hardest part of applying for my MBA was writing the admissions essays. Summing up who you are as a person and leader in less 500 words was a difficult and anxiety-inducing task. After an in-depth brainstorming session in which we outlined my essay, Gavriella encouraged me to start by writing without worrying about the final result. This allowed me to write a passionate, albeit raw, first draft that captured the essence of what I was trying to say. Draft by draft we worked together refining these sprawling strands into a coherent and compelling narrative. Gavy has the amazing ability to focus on the big picture and nitty gritty details at the same time. She helped me structure my personal story in a way that highlighted what made me a unique applicant. Her keen eye and flair for language helped elevate my prose while still keeping the essay in my voice. Gavy is both professional and easy going and always went over and above for me, even promptly responding to drafts I would send her in the middle of the night. She transformed this daunting experience into an enriching, and most importantly, successful endeavor, as I ultimately got in to 3 of my top schools.

B-School Admit

Working with Gavriella was a pleasure. She is a great editor, and was able to take my essays to the next level. She saw themes in my background and characteristics in me that I would never have seen myself. But just importantly, she looked at the application holistically, making sure every element was outstanding. I highly recommend partnering with Gavriella. You will know from the get go that you are in good hands every step of the way.

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