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The prospect of applying to business school can be very stressful (at least, it was for me) and that stress can be compounded when faced with the challenge of applying to multiple schools in any one round.

However, having Kim as a partner and guide throughout this journey made the entire process manageable, exciting, and ultimately very rewarding.

From our very first call, Kim made a genuine effort to understand who I was as a person, and what made me unique to the thousands of other applicants applying to top schools. Kim guided me through all phases of the application process (researching schools, recommendation letters, writing essays, interview prep, etc.) organizing our work on multiple schools so that I never felt overwhelmed with managing the multiple applications. She was always very thoughtful and quick to respond to any of my questions/revisions (sometimes even working on the weekends to provide feedback in order to meet a tight deadline).

While a very knowledgeable partner, what made working with Kim so special was how genuinely invested she was in my success. I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to work with Kim, and highly recommend her to anyone applying to B-school!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I was lucky to find mbaMission and Kim for my business school journey—even when I wasn’t sure I was going to apply yet, Kim clearly laid out the timeline and next steps so that I could have a better idea of what I needed to do next and what I should consider doing to set myself up for success. When I began the process in earnest, I was on a very accelerated timeline for R2, but with Kim’s help I was able to take the GMAT & GRE, find the right recommenders and submit my applications all within a span of about 4 months. I got into both the T15 school and the M7 school that I applied to (with scholarships at both). I’m excited to matriculate at the M7 this fall and I couldn’t be happier that I chose mbaMission and Kim to help me through the process. I was able to craft a compelling story and had so much more confidence in my applications than I would [have] going at it alone. Kim’s knowledge and perspective on my career will serve me in business school and beyond.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I cannot recommend Kimberly Hoey highly enough as an MBA admissions consultant. It was evident from our first call that Kimberly cared deeply about my application. She was patient, thorough, organized, thoughtful, and incredibly helpful to talk to. From the short to long essays to my resume, Kimberly helped me submit an application that I was truly proud of and reflected my work and personal experiences, and passions. Kimberly was relentless in her pursuit of helping me put my best foot forward during what otherwise would have been an incredibly stressful process. Cannot recommend Kimberly highly enough!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I had a fantastic experience working with Kim. She was super knowledgeable about all of the schools I was interested in and did an amazing job helping me navigate the process. No one in my close circle had gone through the process before, so having someone who was there to help guide me was really helpful. Would highly recommend working with her!

B-School Admit

My experience with Kim Hoey at mbaMission was amazing! When I was stressed about my past, Kim always encouraged me to look at the positives. With her innovation and experience, she was able to refine my story into a clear and concise narrative. She was always meeting my deadlines and always checking in on me. One thing to point out especially when you are applying to 4 or more schools is that from brainstorming to drafting essays, before you know it, the deadlines are approaching. Kim took the time to create a detailed schedule for me to stay on track. She has a special quality of empathy. I would recommend her to anyone considering an admissions consultant. Last but not least, mbaMission is a rockstar firm with many great resources for its clients. Jeremy Shinewald is leading the best team in the industry

Business School Admit

I can't imagine going through the application without Kim at mbaMission. From day one she was one of the most organized and efficient professionals, I have ever worked with in any capacity. She was as invested in the process of my applications as I was and paid considerable attention to every single detail of my application. I'm also not a very strong writer, and her guidance for preparing my essays from outlines to the final drafts and many revisions gave me so much more confidence than I ever would have had on my own. I cannot recommend her enough and would absolutely use her services again if I were to repeat the process.

Business School Admit

Kim went above and beyond what was expected and what she owed me for a free half an hour. I've had other consultant calls and hers stands head and shoulders above all others.

Business School Applicant

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone on the fence about hiring an admissions consultant, or unsure of which consultant to work with. I took a chance on Kim and mbaMission after a brief phone consultation, and will be forever grateful that I did. Kim invested an extraordinary amount of time and energy into getting to know me as a candidate (and person) and channeled that understanding into helping me craft an incredibly well-packaged narrative highlighting my strengths and personal brand. Kim guided me through the admissions process every step of the way, acting as a coach, cheerleader, and teammate in one from our kick-off call to the day I received my acceptance letter from CBS. Most importantly, Kim clearly believed in me as a person and cared deeply about my success. As a result, the application I submitted was distinctly my own, rather than a contrived attempt at following some prescribed “CBS formula,” and this fact gave me a great deal of confidence going into my interview. Overall, working with Kim was an overwhelmingly positive experience, and it is safe to say that I would not be headed to my dream school next fall were it not for her guidance.

Columbia Business School Admit

I had the great pleasure of having Kim Hoey as my MBA Admissions consultant. Coming from a non-traditional background, I knew that I needed someone strong to be on my team. Kim’s deep expertise in brand management and the CPG industry as a whole was invaluable. Kim was heavily invested in my success and would check-in frequently to ensure that I was on-track with my business school essays. In addition, she offered invaluable guidance on how to best tell my story and helped me to tie in different elements of my personal and professional life- even when I didn’t see the connection at first! Kim is proactive and always strives to her best in investing her time and energy in helping me. From my written application all the way to my initial interview preps, Kim had remained a consistently strong advocate. With Kim’s guidance, I will be enrolling at Stanford GSB this coming fall.”

Stanford GSB Admit

Having had a negative experience working with another consultant previously from another company, I decided to reach out to Kim from mbaMission. Kim exceeded every expectation. She was kind, supportive, and most importantly INCREDIBLY thorough.

She asked all the right questions and answered thoughtfully. Helped frame my applications through the lens of my personal story, and gave me a lot of suggestions that made the difference to becoming accepted at the universities of my choice. Kim went above and beyond to make sure that I put my best self forward to the admissions committees at my university choices.

I couldn’t recommend Kim enough. She would truly push you from being a possible to a definite admit at the school of your choice.

Business School Admit

Talking to Kimberly and connecting with her was an absolute delight. She put me at ease right away and was able to understand my questions precisely and answer them too.

Business School Applicant

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