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Reviews for Cat Ho

Cat was fantastic! She was both personable and professional. She was able to really connect deeply with me in an extremely short period of time and was very perceptive. She answered both the questions I asked and the ones I didn’t know I needed answers to. Was strategic and honest, while being empathetic. This definitely exceeded my expectations.

B-School Applicant

The session with Cat Ho was splendid and she gave me a lot of great insights on my profile and the business school and also suggested schools where I will be a good fit. I appreciate all her help and would highly recommend her to all.

B-School Applicant

Cat Ho is a genius. She immediately points out my concern and gave me invaluable advice. I will recommend her to my friends who need her services.

B-School Applicant

Cat was amazing! She was super well prepared and easy to talk to. I learned a ton and am so grateful for her time.

B-School Applicant

Cat was extremely helpful with my MBA application process. She was very strategic and empathetic as we discuss the overall application strategy – whether to have this career pivot, what to expect from the experience, what are my strengths and weaknesses and how should I apply. She gave me great ideas as I prepare my materials and gave me very constructive feedback on my essays. The application and decision making process were long and requires a lot of introspection, it was so good having her as a sounding board – I could always rely on her to give me suggestions that are wise, honest, and specific.

Stanford, Harvard, & Wharton Admit

I can’t recommend Cat enough for your MBA applications, because she’s passionate about helping others succeed. Cat is genuine, friendly, organized, thorough and effective. Be prepared to reflect! She will walk you through the various paths that you can take in your career and will put the best path pen to paper. She’s authentic and will bring that element to your work. She gives direct feedback and will also spend the time you need to work through your story. Having her as a coach through the MBA application process created structure and direction in an otherwise daunting process. Thank you Cat!

Wharton Admit

Cat was really patient and had a soothing effect by easing out some of my major concerns. It was a conversation that delved into the core of my motivation and revolved around helping me achieve my goals. Thanks for all the kind words of wisdom.

B-School Applicant

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