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Lynn Moloney

Lynn Moloney

Senior Consultant

MBA from: Harvard Business School

Working style: Partnership minded, motivating, attentive, focused

What I love about my job: Exploring lives, digging deep for what makes clients tick, in pursuit of which schools and which career would be most fulfilling for them.

A graduate of Harvard Business School (HBS), Lynn Moloney has spent the past decade helping aspiring MBAs pursue their dream of being accepted to a top program. She spent most of her pre-mbaMission career in the New York media industry, honing her skills at identifying key information and communicating it in an effective and compelling way. As managing editor of Fast Company and Inc. magazines, she spent many hours mentoring staff; career development is something she has always enjoyed. Lynn started her magazine career in the editorial department of Vanity Fair and then edited the Gourmet section of Epicurious.com. Eager to embrace all that the media world has to offer, she complemented her full-time positions at Condé Nast with side projects, such as penning a column for the New York Post about the burgeoning Internet and serving as co-publisher/co-editor of the start-up magazine Tart. Lynn also spent a few years working in brand management—first as corporate marketing director of Mail.com as it went from start-up to publicly traded company, then as a marketing consultant for Internet start-ups. While at HBS, Lynn was co-president of the Entertainment & Media Club and served as a board member of the Harbus News Corporation. She graduated magna cum laude from Bowdoin College with a BA in international relations and Asian studies and spent a postgraduate gap year in South Asia. She now resides in New York City.

Lynn was everything that mbaMission promised – knowledgeable, responsive, honest, etc. – but more importantly, Lynn became a trusted advisor and a friend through the admissions process, and I can honestly say that I could not have made it through without her help.

Harvard Business School Admit

My consultant, Lynn Moloney, was phenomenal. A whiz at editing my essays, she helped me perfect my words without changing their meaning. Lynn was especially attentive during the interview/interview follow-up process.

Columbia EMBA Admit

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