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I feel like the luckiest person in the world, because I was accepted to every school I applied! I now have the difficult decision of choosing between Duke, Columbia, Wharton and Harvard!!

I am confident that I would not have submitted such strong applications or represented myself successfully in the interviews without your help - thank you so much!

HBS, Wharton, Duke Fuqua and Columbia Business School Admit

Before deciding which admission consultant company to choose, I conducted several free consultations to get a sense for the different approaches and also for the consultants I would be working with later on.

From the beginning I had the feeling that Jen was very knowledgeable and that she provided exactly the advice I needed. Therefore, I decided to work with her. This decision turned out to be perfect, as she managed to help me demonstrate my strongest self in my applications. She took several hours in the beginning to understand my background thoroughly which allowed her to probe my application at later stages, as she always had alternative situations in mind that I could possibly leverage.

Therefore, I can only recommend Jen to anyone applying to business school. Jen's knowledge, experience and communication style made her the perfect consultant to work with. Her support exceeded my expectations by far.

HBS & London Business School Admit (Via GMAT Club)

Working with Jen Kedrowski was truly a gift and likely the best investment I made for myself to gain admittance to my top choice, M7 program.

At the core of her is a ridiculous breadth of knowledge on how to best advocate for yourself and showcase your core truths, and thus, your most compelling MBA application. Her ‘make-it-happen’ mentality is peppered in with the perfect amount of urgency and confidence-boosting kindness. During brainstorming she got to know me well beyond my resume (I even joked saying she would make a great life coach!) and pushed me to dig deep to get to know myself. Jen spent ample time delving into my stories and strengths. I was impressed when Jen would reference stories, I brought up in the first brainstorming session, weeks later!

Jen’s strength is in story crafting, application strategy, and resume editing, which felt like the most daunting part to make everything cohesive. She was always super responsive and thorough, frequently responding into the early hours of the night and on weekends. I think I gave Jen over 15 pages of my scrapped essay material before I started with her. She went through everything meticulously and pulled material across essays, where I didn’t even think of. Bonus – Jen’s years of experience at Kaplan were also helpful for GMAT/EA questions and strategy. I loved how sincerely uplifting, yet realistic Jen was; Her positive energy was always refreshing.

My biggest regret is sitting on the decision of whether or not to hire a consultant, wasting precious time spinning my wheels and writing countless essay drafts. If you are already in the headspace to hire a consultant, I can say with confidence that Jen is top-notch and worth the investment. THANK YOU JEN!

Columbia Admit (Via GMAT Club)

Thanks to your thoughtful advice and guidance, I’m heading to Evanston this August! As an international applicant, I had little idea of what I was getting into, and I had less than a month to figure it out. Based on internet forum chatter, I felt like I was too old, and my GPA was too low to get in anywhere. There’s no way I would have been successful without your help. You saved me from run-on sentences, unfocused statements, and content potholes. You helped me explain and demonstrate impact. You made me feel so much more confident about what I was getting into, and I always enjoyed the energy and excitement you brought to the process.

Thanks for being there with me through the process, putting up with my anxiety, and for helping me to put my best foot forward! You’re a rock star.

Kellogg Admit

Jen was very attentive and helpful throughout our process. I highly recommend her, particularly for those like myself who are “Nontraditional Applicants”. With her help I was admitted to Columbia Business School, my first choice.

She really helped me craft a story, focus only on what was important and squeeze the most out of the limited real estate provided by an MBA application. I would say this is where I got the most value out of the experience. I needed to structure my “pitch” if you will and Jen was invaluable in helping me hone in on what was compelling. Also, as a novice with no real insider sense of what MBA admissions wants, she gave me tips about how to conduct an interview, or how to structure an admissions (vs professional) resume. These tips were definitely not readily apparent to me and gave my application a polish I don’t think it would have had otherwise.

She was also upfront with me about what was feasible in the school selection phase; I never felt like she was upselling anything, leading me on etc. Her phone demeanor is really kind, friendly, and very easy to talk to. Our conversations were fun, professional, and always productive. I really felt like she was on my team, as though she was personally invested in my success.

Columbia Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Jen worked towards tight deadlines to help me to submit outstanding applications to LBS and Imperial Business School. She took the time to understand my personal story and helped me to shape essays and a video that brought out the best in me. When I was invited for interviews, Jen provided me with comprehensive mock interviews and followed up with very detailed feedback.

I was offered a place on my dream course at LBS and I was also offered Imperial College Business School’s highest scholarship. Jen was a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

London Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Your help with the essays and prep was invaluable. I've accepted my offer to attend Stanford GSB in the fall. I could not be more excited!! Thank you again for all your help!

Stanford GSB Admit

I was hesitant about hiring an admission consultant due to the cost, but decided to sign up for the three-school package after speaking to some of my colleagues and friends. Working with Jen was one of the best decisions I made throughout my MBA application process and I am confident I would not have been admitted to my top choice program if it wasn’t for Jen’s guidance and encouragement. I come from a non-traditional background and Jen took the time to understand my story, helping me develop a competitive application.

From the beginning, Jen invested time to really understand my background and experience, which was extremely helpful as we started to review my application essays. Jen was honest and would let me know if she thought a section of application needed improvement. Her support, insight, and genuine personality made the application process less chaotic and working with her was enjoyable. Each email or phone call I had with Jen made feel better about the application process. She truly cares about the people she works with and even took the time to reach out to me when I was impacted by Hurricane Irma (I live in Florida).

Jen’s turnaround and response time are incredible and she would provide detailed recommendations and advice within a couple of days. This was especially helpful when I received an invitation to interview. Due to my interviewer’s availability, my interview was in three days and Jen scheduled a mock interview the next day to ensure I was fully prepared. Her guidance and advice was a major value throughout my application process and I highly recommend Jen to anyone applying to an MBA program.

CBS Admit (via GMAT Club)

From the very first conversation, I could tell that Jen was a great listener who cares deeply about her work and has a real passion for what she does. For such deep reflection that is required for these applications, you want to feel comfortable as a client in telling your consultant the most intimate details about your life. At least for me, this was important. And Jen made the environment so welcoming and inviting from the start.

I feel that after 6+ months I can speak quite accurately to her abilities. I didn’t have the strongest application profile in the world, and had no idea what industry I was after or even what type of school I was looking for. Jen’s attention to detail is second to none, and she did an incredible job in molding many pages worth of material as well as countless hours of conversation and other worksheets into a cohesive story.

This MBA process was an incredible introspective journey, and Jen was so good in helping me find my “why”. Always approachable and quick to respond, I felt like I could reach out to her at any time for anything, which is a tremendous feeling when working with someone in this capacity. She truly cares about her clients, and that became apparent quickly. As I applied to 4 schools, you can imagine the amount of work and written drafts I needed to produce and she never missed a deadline in editing my work.

Over the course of 3-4 drafts per essay, she would force me to really think about what I wanted to say until I had the specific, detailed, exact answer that was required. Jen pushed my writing in a way that it hadn’t been in a very long time, and always knew how to guide me to the finish line. She has a very kind and warm demeanor, and this works well in making critiques and letting me know what needed to be done.

As someone who was skeptical of the price and value of an MBA consultant, I can tell you that Jen is worth every bit of time and money and she is fantastic at what she does. I would recommend her 100/100 times, and if you work with her then you can feel confident you made the right choice.

Darden Admit (Via Poets&Quants)

I worked with Jen for my three MBA school applications and received offers from all these schools. I was impressed by the results and knew I wouldn't achieve these without Jen's support.

During the time we worked together, she provided me with lots of guidance and advice so that I knew what to highlight in my essays. She helped me find some unique and exciting stories in my career and life that I was not aware of. The mock interviews we did for both Kira video questions and alumni interviews were super helpful. Jen pointed out my challenges directly and gave me suggestions about improving them. I built a lot of confidence and felt well prepared through the process.

Besides her professional knowledge about the programs, Jen is very supportive and flexible. When I was unsure about myself or doubted my essays, Jen always had my back. The application journey was busy and stressful, and I am so glad that I worked with Jen.

INSEAD, LBS, & Oxford Admit (via GMAT Club)

Jen has been the best cheerleader to guide me throughout my MBA journey. From our very first call, Jen was super resourceful. She was able to help piece together fragmented life experiences into cohesive stories that exhibited an abundant amount of colour and authenticity. She helped uncover both professional and personal stories that had been completely overlooked, helping create the best possible version of myself on paper! I am not sure if I would have been able to highlight my entire life’s story and post MBA trajectories in merely 500 words without her help! She helped me concisely and thematically express my ideas without me ever losing my personal voice. If I ever make something of myself and have stories worthy of telling the world, Jen would definitely have to be my editor (if she’d have me!!!)

Jen has this smiling voice that always instantaneously put me into a jovial mood as soon as I would hop onto a phone call with her. I remember there had been several instances in which I had become increasingly frustrated with the writing process. As soon as I expressed my concerns, she not only knew exactly what to say to placate those negative thoughts, but she also laid out action items to specifically help tackle those roadblocks. I was fickle about picking the right schools, changing my mind several times. Each change was met with undying patience and supportive advice, ultimately helping me realize that selecting the right schools should be influenced by internal factors of what schools are truly the right fit for you, over external factors. I never had to worry about sounding silly with Jen. No question or idea was ever deemed foolish. She was able to create a supportive environment for me to grow and learn more about myself than I ever had. This was the first time in my life in which I truly enjoyed the journey of a process, and I have Jen to thank for that. Thank you Jen for all that you have done! Jen and I joke that I am a cheerleader for my clients at work, hence the reference in the beginning. Well, Jen has played that role amazingly for me throughout this journey.

UCLA Anderson Admit (Via GMAT Club)

I had a wonderful experience working with Jen in my application process. Not only was I successful in my dream of being admitted, but the mbaMission process, specifically with Jen, was completely transformative for me. It allowed me to turn what could have been a somewhat chore-ish task of applying to grad school into an exercise of reflecting and created a safe space for me to put pen to paper about my wildest dreams and goals for my future. In many ways, it felt like therapy or professional coaching, in the Trojan horse of admissions support 🙂 Beyond being profoundly astute and thoughtful as I crafted my story, Jen was extremely diligent and went above and beyond to keep me on track so I never felt pinched or pressed for time. We ping-ponged more drafts of essays than I can count, and she did all of this with a deep thoughtfulness about not only staying true to me and my story but also hitting all the important points that her years in admissions counseling have taught her matter. I cannot speak more highly of Jen and my overall experience with mbaMission. I am forever indebted to Jen for not only making my dream come true, but for doing so with unique integrity that is not always present in this process.

Oxford MBA Admit (Via Poets&Quants)

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