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Imagine not just improving your chances of being accepted at your target MBA programs but even enjoying the process. We are thrilled to know that this is the kind of experience so many of our clients have had. mbaMission is the top-rated admissions consulting firm on GMAT Club, with more than 620 reviews and more five-star reviews than any other firm. We love getting feedback from happy clients, and here we present some of our favorites. To read reviews of specific consultants, click the links on the right-hand side.

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Definitely worth it! Especially for those who are super busy and for whom English is the second language. When you apply to more than 3 schools, it become overwhelming to track all the things you need to do and keep bugging your friends to read your essays. Also, for those who are looking to do career switch, it’s very helpful as well. I brainstormed with my consultant of the content of the essays to present my candidacy in the best way from different angles. She made me think about certain episodes in my professional career and life I would never even think about. I felt that without her help my essays would not come out so well rounded. I was a re-applicant this year and used the same consultant again. Yes, it is so expensive but definitely worth it. I was accepted to several schools. I am not sure if I would be in the same position have I not used help.

Business School Admit (via Admissions 411)

Guess what? I am in at Kellogg!!!!! I just got the message today. I am thrilled… I honestly don’t believe I could have done it without your help. You challenged me to realize all the mistakes I made in last year’s application to other schools. And you were extremely patient with me when helping me edit and re-edit my stinky draft essays. You were relentless and it paid off big time. I am so glad that I hired you to help me with the application and we hit the target 100% since this is the only school you and I worked on. THANK YOU for your support, guidance and insight.

Kellogg Admit

You may not recall the essay review session referenced below, but I do.  The session was less like an essay review, than like a jam session of ideas.   It was probably the most impactful and fun 30 minutes of my essay preparation process. I will be starting the Wharton MBA Program for Executives in May and I wanted to thank you for your insightful and critical feedback.  I must also give kudos to the team for the breadth and depth of content on the site, from the Personal Statement Guides to the blogs, to the essay analyses.  It really helped me to find my voice and to tell my story in a way that was compelling, distinct and relevant.

Wharton EMBA Admit

In my opinion mbaMission was outstanding for several reasons: 1. Full commitment to me as an applicant. 2. Initiative service - My editor always thought how to improve my application and did not only respond to my direct questions. Sometimes I actually felt that he is more committed to the process than I am. 3. Personal treatment. My Consultant knew and remembered all information I gave him about myself and knew how and when to use such info during the application process. 4. Accurate service and always on time. 5. Very professional but also very friendly. 6. Flat rate per university - which allows the applicant to ask as many questions as he wants and to request as much editing as needed without additional cost- to ALL parts of the application.

Columbia, Chicago Booth & Wharton Admit (via Admissions 411)

I could not have gotten into Wharton without your help. While I had my essay ideas in my head, you really solidified them into a truly compelling story. After reading one of the completed essays for the first time, I could not believe that it was actually what I had imagined. It sounded so much more exciting than I had originally thought of it. Thanks again for everything.

Wharton Admit

mbaMission was a tremendously helpful investment. My consultant was very thoughtful in his analysis of my background and how to best present it. In addition, the staff at mbaMission was unfailingly patient and supportive.

Tuck Admit (via Admissions 411)

From the beginning I was impressed by the passion and intensity. Before I paid a nickel, Jeremy was spewing advice on the phone and getting me thinking about my applications differently than I had before. Two days later, I had completed hours of brainstorming and knew where I was headed and more importantly just felt confident about my direction. When my schedule permitted, I wrote my essays and was impressed with the response time, but more with how thorough and thoughtful the comments were. The comments were not just criticisms, but were helpful suggestion and new ways of looking at my experience. The edits were comprehensive and remarkable and so my essays came together much quicker than I could have imagined. I was amazed that as I went along, I could anticipate certain comments and actually became better at this process. I started to understand the amount of detail to provide, learned to create climactic events in my stories and as Jeremy would say "always ensure flow." Jeremy’s advice was not only consistent, thorough and creative in my essays, but across the board. I have no doubt that every aspect of my application was a strong as it could have been.

Chicago Booth Admit

I can’t begin to tell you how fortunate I feel to have gained admission (to HBS), especially since it was my only application. You had faith in my candidacy even though I was doubtful from the beginning and were so proactive in keeping me going – without your phone calls to motivate another draft and the deadlines that you basically forced me to meet, I never would have finished. Without your help, I never would have considered those options for essay two, never would have even understood that insane essay four and definitely would not have come up with (topic deleted) for essay six. You made my strengths shine through and definitely was prepared for the ups and downs of my interview, for that I am always grateful. I just did not have the perspective on my candidacy and still find it hard to believe that I am Harvard material.

HBS Admit

I came to mbaMission last summer as I was figuring out which business schools were attainable for me. As an American Male with a sub 3.0 GPA, and non traditional background I was unsure if I had any chance at the top programs. After my initial conversation with Jeremy, I gained confidence and we worked together to market the positives in my past. He spent hours getting to know me and really helped me to put my best foot forward. This was not a simple essay editing service. I was able to craft compelling stories in my essays and impress admissions officers in my interviews. I have overcome my GPA and been accepted at 4 top MBA programs. I will be attending the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, something I would never have thought possible a few months ago. I highly recommend Jeremy & mbaMission.

Ross Admit

Enlisting mbaMission to help me with my business school applications was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

In anticipation of applying to six top business schools, I took advantage of a free mbaMission consultation with the company’s founder, Jeremy Shinewald.  Jeremy didn’t describe the gimmicky creating a personal brand approach that I had heard from other companies. He simply said: you are not a company with a tagline and a motto, but a person with a diverse set of experiences; we will help you pick your best stories and tell them in the most effective way possible.  Jeremy’s honesty, flexibility and realism is what compelled me to choose mbaMission. And, I was not disappointed.

I would enthusiastically recommend mbaMission to anyone applying to business school. They will make sure that your application tells your best story.

Business School Admit (via Yelp))

My experience with mbaMission consultant was a great one. Starting with the brainstorming document, I was able to get great stories to tell on my applications and bring out the best part of my personal experience. Once I decided on the schools that I wanted to apply to, I was able to go through the essay questions with my consultant and determine the best stories to tell in each one. Although the process was stressful at times, getting help from the consultant allowed me to time my application process, and not wait until the last minute.

I was recommended this company when I started the process, and would I definitely recommend mbaMission to anyone considering having a consultant help them in the admissions process.

Business School Admit (via GMAT Club)

I am definitely glad I hired you to help me with my essays. Besides making me actively making me focus on my essays, you were able to help me clearly convey what I was attempting to say. The process gave the essays more structure and I definitely think that they are much better now because of your help. Thanks again and thanks for the quick turnaround and working with me on such a close deadline.

Business School Admit