The Quest for 700: Weekly GMAT Challenge (Answer)

Yesterday, Manhattan GMAT posted a GMAT question on our blog. Today, they have followed up with the answer:

First, construct the first seven terms, though only out to a few decimal places, following the given pattern.

A1 = 1.23…
A2 = 2.46…
A3 = 3.69…
A4 = 4.812…
A5 = 5.10…
A6 = 6.12…
A7 = 7.14…

Now, to add up the first seven terms, you should be strategic about how many decimal places to keep. You can drop the hundredths place and get a good approximation with the tenths place—and if you find the sum too close to a boundary between choices, then you can refine your answer if necessary.

1.2 + 2.4 + 3.6 + 4.8 + 5.1 + 6.1 + 7.1 = 30.3
Including more decimal places would only add a couple of tenths to the sum—not enough to tip the sum over 31.

The correct answer is C.

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