mbaMission Annual Consultant Training Conference: Raising the Bar in the Industry

At mbaMission, we believe that to give MBA applicants the best possible admissions advice, we must continuously train our consultants and stay up-to-date on admissions trends. To do this, we have a weekly full staff meeting at which we discuss new ways to serve our clients and identify developments in the admissions field. We also have a robust mentoring program and peer review process, which keeps our consultants at the top of their game. And most importantly, every year, we have an in-person, two-day conference for our consultants. For this intensive event, we fly our team in from around the world (London, San Francisco, Chicago, etc.) and focus on training and developing best practices. This year’s conference was held on May 6 and 7 in New York City—highlights include sessions with…

  • Pauline Jennett, former admissions officer at HBS: “Reviewing Business School Applications as Admissions Directors”
  • Chris Ryan, Head of Curriculum Development at Manhattan GMAT: “Relevance of the Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT” (integrated reasoning is the new section of the GMAT)
  • Consulting firm 4Thirty3: “Optimizing Client Relationships”
  • Jeremy Shinewald, mbaMission President: “Case Discussions and Best Practices”

mbaMission is a different kind of MBA admissions consulting firm, because we actually are a firm (not just a Web site with a bunch of part-time consultants who have little to no training). We are a full-time team, dedicated to excellence for our clients, and our annual conference—one of a kind in the industry—proves that fact. Check out some photos of the mbaMission team in action at this year’s conference:

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