MBA Career News: Build Your Network with Awesome Email Introductions

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MBA Career News: Build Your Network with Awesome Email Introductions - mbaMissionAs you build your network, you will need to connect people by making introductions. Sometimes the connections you facilitate for others are the ones that end up helping you the most.

Potential options could include quickly crafted emails containing text such as “Hey, Laura! Here is Jake’s email address. He is expecting your email. Follow up at whim!” or “Hi, Laura and Jake. As promised, I am connecting you two. Enjoy!” But we can suggest some even better ways of doing this.

Three Samples of Introductory Email Language

Option 1

Subject Line: Intro: Jake and Laura

Jake, I would like to introduce Laura, a friend and colleague of mine from work. Laura is a strong management consultant and a tremendous young leader. Having completed her undergrad degree at Harvard and working in consulting for three years, she is interested in transitioning into an operational role within a health care company. Aetna is one of her target firms, and I thought you could give her some insight based on your experience there.

Laura, Jake is one of my dear friends from business school. He has two decades of experience in consulting, marketing, and health care, including a long stint at Aetna.

I hope you two are able to talk soon.

Option 2

Subject Line: Introducing: Kylie and Jane

Jane, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the fall weather back east. 🙂 I wanted to introduce you to Kylie, my close friend from business school. She recently moved to the SF Bay Area after a short stint in NYC and several years in LA. She’s in product management at Facebook and is looking to transition into the media industry. I told Kylie about how fantastic and super helpful you were for me. Hopefully, you have time next week and can connect.

Kylie, as I mentioned, Jane is awesome. She really helped me think through how to position myself in my career transition. She’s strategic, thoughtful, and experienced in the media industry. You’ll love her!

Have a great weekend, ladies!

Option 3

Subject Line: Julie <> Kylie: Digital Marketing Introductions

Julie, I wanted to introduce you to Kylie, the digital marketing specialist I mentioned to you. I think she could be a great resource for you as you look to hire for your team. Kylie is very interested in learning more about your team and your work at Macy’s, so I am excited to connect you two.

Kylie and I worked together for almost three years at Urban Outfitters, where she launched the company’s social media presence with robust Facebook and Twitter accounts. Kylie is incredibly knowledgeable about the social media space as well as a consumer-centric thinker. I can’t say enough good things about her work ethic as well as her ability to integrate into a team and build consensus. You can read more about her background on her LinkedIn profile (URL). I am confident you will enjoy meeting her.

I’ll leave it to the two of you to connect from here, but please let me know if either of you have any questions!

Why Does This Approach Work?

  • It deepens your individual relationship with each contact because it acknowledges what is great about them and shows your appreciation.
  • It creates an instant connection between them by virtue of their values and strengths. There is no doubt the two will follow up and become useful connections.
  • It makes things very easy for them. They do not have to figure out what they are supposed to do; you have spelled it out for them by suggesting the specific ways in which one contact can be useful to the other.

Final Thought

Be thoughtful and gracious when you connect people to one another. Do it because it is generous, but also because it will someday serve you in ways you cannot possibly predict.

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