January 2019 Event Roundup

Are you applying to business school this year? If so, you can enroll in one of our free business school workshops, which are offered both online and in person in major cities across the country!

This January, the event lineup includes the following sessions:

  • January 14
    Assessing Your MBA Profile (Online)
    How will admissions officers weigh your MBA application? An experienced senior consultant will help prospective MBAs understand how admissions committees choose from thousands of strong candidates to fill a relatively small number of spots in their classes.
  • January  16
    Persian Gulf MBA Applicants: Overcoming Stereotypes and Finding Your Place (Online)
    Candidates from the Persian Gulf represent a unique subset of the MBA applicant pool, and MBA admissions officers are at risk of stereotyping applicants from this region. Given our track record of helping many candidates, we understand what you can do to emphasize the character traits the admissions committees want to see: hard work, openness, and a clear forward vision. Join us for this one-hour session detailing how you can stand out and earn that coveted letter of acceptance.
  • January 22
    MBA Interview Workshop (Online)
    What do you need to do to prepare for your business school interview? An experienced senior consultant will help prospective MBAs understand the types of questions that may be asked to best prepare for interviews.
  • January 23
    Standing Out from the 2+2 and Deferred Admissions Pack! (Online)
    HBS started the 2+2/deferred admissions trend, and now every other top MBA program seems to be jumping on board or preparing to do so soon. What do you need to do to be a standout applicant for one of these programs? Because this trend is still relatively new, not enough information is available to enable us to fully characterize an ideal candidate. Nonetheless, we can offer you a sense of why some applicants tend to succeed and where others often falter. Please join us for this must-attend session prior to creating your application!
  • January 24
    No Stone Unturned: Your 2019/2020 MBA Application Starts Now! (Online)
    Planning to apply to business school in 2019 or 2020? It is not too early to start planning! By taking action now, you can dramatically improve your chances of gaining admission to a top MBA program in the coming years. Indeed, it is never too soon (and certainly not too late) to take several crucial steps to shape your MBA candidacy.

To enroll in one of our free seminars, click the event title in the list above. We look forward to having you join us!

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