Essential Reading from mbaMission’s Career Coaches: July 2023

This post was written by our resident Career Coach Elissa Harris. To sign up for a free 30-minute career consultation with Elissa, please click here.

Whether you are getting ready for business school, looking to change jobs, or wanting to excel in your current role, we think you will appreciate these recent career-related articles that caught our attention.

  • “Research: Your Love for Work May Alienate Your Colleagues” (Read time: one to two minutes) Companies are seeking employees who are passionate about their work because research shows that such employees are more productive, innovative, and collaborative. But there is a downside. These passionate employees are more likely to judge colleagues who are motivated by other reasons. Leaders should tap into the diverse motivations of their staff.
  • “How To Move Forward When You’re Overwhelmed By Uncertainty” (Read time: two to three minutes) The anxiety of searching for a new position in an uncertain and a less-than-robust job market can become paralyzing. Although we cannot remove the inherent uncertainty in a job search, seekers can focus on ways to make it more manageable. This article shares four strategies for reframing your thinking to view uncertainty as an opportunity rather than the cause of anxiety. 
  • “Why Non-Linear Career Paths Are The Future” (Read time: one to two minutes) As employees’ priorities change and the workplace continues to evolve, candidates following nonlinear career paths will become more common. The trick is to be strategic about the reason for each of your career pivots and to communicate a common theme that runs through the diversity of your work experiences. Before deciding to accept any new opportunity, think about why you want to join the organization. How will the experience help you grow? 
  • Harvard career expert: Job openings are ‘tightening’–3 strategies to land a new role now” (Read time: one minute) We have all heard about the strained job market, but great roles are still available. How do you find one of them? Here is a hint: you must have more than just a Plan A; you need to be able to tell your story and explain how your skills and interests are relevant to the available job. 

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