Duke Cheating Saga Comes to an End

Well, it appears that an ugly chapter in Fuqua’s history is at its end. Recently, a Fuqua appeals panel upheld its Honor Committee’s decision to discipline thirty-four of the schools 400+ students. Of the thirty-four, nine were expelled, fifteen were suspended for one-year and got a failing grade in the class; the remaining ten got failing grades.

One first year student at Fuqua told MBA Mission, “We, in Fuqua, put a high emphasis on the honor code. One may think that it would have been better to ignore evidence of violations, and not get the bad publicity, but I do think that this action – causing 24 of my peers not to return to the class next year, is a strong signal to everyone that the school develops ethical leaders and kicks out any member that does not follow the rules. I am just looking forward to putting this behind us.”

Duke Cheaters’ Penalties Stand

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