mbaMission Holds Annual Consultant Conference in Chicago

Earlier this week, we hosted our annual mbaMission consultant conference, which we always schedule for right before the start of admissions season. During the conference, our consultants share best practices, transfer knowledge, and renew their bonds with one another. Why are we telling you this? We believe this kind of ongoing training and interpersonal connection within our consultant team is important in our clients’ success—and therefore important to you as you consider your admissions consulting options!

IMG_3430The mbaMission annual consultant conference is something that sets us apart from the other admissions consulting firms out there. Because the consultants at most firms work with MBA clients only part-time while maintaining a separate full-time job, they could not take the time away from their true careers to host or attend such a conference. At mbaMission, however, admissions consulting is our sole job and focus—so we can dedicate this time to gather and ensure that we are at the top of our game, to benefit you.

We at mbaMission are absolutely committed to hiring, training, and continuously educating the best admissions consultants in the world. And we are truly a team—our consultants know each other well, not just because they see each other face-to-face at our yearly conference, but also because they connect at our weekly Tuesday meetings, collaborate on admissions-related presentations throughout the year, and communicate every day via email, Skype, and other media. Our conference is a manifestation of our team approach.

IMG_3431So, what did we accomplish at our conference this year? Here are just some of the sessions we held:

  • Brainstorming the One-Essay Application
  • Best Practices for Thoroughly Informative Free Client Consultations
  • Social Media Watch: The Details That Elude Applicants and Kill Applications
  • MBA Career Coaches: Integrating Career Planning into Applications
  • M7 Budget Watch: Understanding Where MBA Programs’ Proposed Student Budgets Fall Short

IMG_3432Over two days, we learned a lot, enjoyed each other’s company, and strengthened our team’s bond—and that last element is a positive for you, too! Because our team members can call on one another with questions and to exchange guidance, you benefit not just from your personal consultant’s experience and knowledge, but from that of our entire company. Our full-time team was on display this week, and it was quite the sight—20+ committed professionals learning, sharing, and enjoying their work!

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