GRE to GMAT Score Conversion: It Is Not a Science!

Would you like to know exactly how to convert your GRE score to a GMAT score? We get questions all the time on this topic. Our GRE-taking clients want to know their equivalent GMAT score to ensure that they fall within the GMAT range for their target schools. Unfortunately, no exact conversion for these tests exists. Although you can plug your GRE score into the ETS site to see the general range of equivalent GMAT scores, that does not give you the full picture!

Most U.S. business schools accept both the GMAT and the GRE, but the GRE has historically trailed the GMAT as the standardized test of choice for MBA programs. However, it has gained significant traction over recent years, and now approximately 20% of all business school candidates submit their applications with a GRE. Despite this exam’s growing popularity, it is not yet used as an official factor in business school rankings, and thus, the range of acceptable GRE scores for admitted students is a bit more flexible than it is for the GMAT.

Take, for example, Kellogg’s admissions stats: the average GMAT score for incoming members of the Class of 2024 was 729. The median GRE scores for these students were 162 Verbal and 163 Quant. This total GRE score of 325 equates to a predicted score of 680 on the GMAT, almost 50 points below the school’s average GMAT. This means that Kellogg admitted candidates with a lower “equivalent GMAT” when they submitted the GRE instead.  

So, the conversion of a particular score does not convey one’s total chance of admission based on that score. Using the Kellogg stats we just provided, if a candidate with the school’s median GRE score had converted that number to a predicted GMAT score, they would have seen that their predicted GMAT was lower than the school’s average by roughly 50 points and assessed their chances of admission based on that information. But, given the median GRE score for Kellogg’s admitted students, this process is clearly more of an art than a science, and there is simply more variability in a “good” GRE score.  

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