mbaMission Consultant Spotlight: Harshad Mali

At mbaMission, our consultants are more than just graduates of the world’s top MBA programs—we are also expert communicators who possess an unparalleled knowledge of the admissions process. Each week, we highlight one member of our team who has committed his/her professional life to helping you get into business school.

mbaMission Consultant Spotlight: Harshad MaliWith an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a BE in mechanical engineering from the Government College of Engineering in Aurangabad, India, and an ME in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Harshad Mali has enjoyed a successful career as both an engineer and an entrepreneur. In addition to having worked in design and product development within the automotive industry for the truck manufacturer Navistar, he has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and South America to evaluate and create supply chains for critical hardware. After graduating from Chicago Booth, Harshad co-founded a consulting start-up to address the operational and product commercialization challenges faced by small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies. His corporate and entrepreneurial experiences have given him valuable insight into the various career paths MBAs pursue. An avid mentor and coach, Harshad has participated in university career fairs, discussing professional goals and career paths with graduating students, and has also freelanced as an MBA essay consultant.

Quick Facts:

Received MBA from: Chicago Booth
Undergraduate field of study: Engineering
Fields worked in before mbaMission: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting
Working style: Direct, friendly, upbeat, and supportive.
Five things you want your clients to know about you:

  1. As an engineer who always strived to endow complex products with an aesthetic charm, I bring the same “creative logic” to my work with clients. I first elicit substance from my clients and then help wrap their stories into beautifully precise applications.
  2. I am Mr. Current Affairs. Despite my busy schedule, I am always on top of existential issues and events in business, finance, international politics, sports, and technology. This helps me to not only understand my clients quickly, but also allows me to simplify their work experiences for their end consumers — the members of b-school admissions committees.
  3. While I work with all clients, I especially enjoy working with engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, social workers, and other clients from non-traditional backgrounds. Having grown up in India, worked in the US, and traveled the world extensively, I can help convey international perspectives in a comprehensible manner, one that truly resonates with admissions committees.
  4. My direct but upbeat style helps clients understand their strengths clearly and develop a positive perspective on their weaknesses, resulting in an enhanced engagement with the application process.
  5. Story telling is my passion. I am currently writing a novel (in my spare time), so I am constantly updating my inventory of characters, personalities, and traits, by meeting and talking to people. Because of this, I often end up motivating clients to introspect deeper, and they often end up with a crystallized realization of who they really are and what makes them unique.


“Harshad’s analytical reasoning, friendly and genuine personality is what separated him in the sea of consultants out there!” — MIT Sloan Admit

“Harshad helped me stitch a story I never thought I had. His extreme attention to detail and ability to simplify things meant I could not only plug holes, but also stand out. Hats off to him!”  —B-school applicant

“Harshad was phenomenal and very attentive. He seemed to pick up everything in my applicant and I felt like our consultation touched on all aspects of the application process.” —B-school applicant

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  • Virginia Darden (Round 3)

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