Mission Admission: The B-School Interview Is Not a Quiz Show

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This time of year, business school candidates are starting to interview with their target MBA programs. Many of these applicants inevitably fret and ask themselves, “What if I don’t know the answers to my interviewer’s questions?” The good news is that, as the title for this blog post states, a business school interview bears no resemblance to a TV quiz show. The admissions officer, alumnus/alumna or student who interviews you will not ask you about esoteric topics and will not expect you to answer questions pertaining to management disciplines, about which you will learn more in the first year of your MBA program. The vast majority of the questions you will receive in your interview will pertain to your life and  experiences—in other words, the interviewer will be asking you about you—so you will already have all the answers in hand as you start the interview.

As your first step in preparing for your interviews, take time to reacquaint yourself with your own story, especially as you have presented it thus far to the school in question. Go back and reread your essays, contemplate pivotal moments in your life and consider your major accomplishments and failures. By doing so, you will be sure to have the basic knowledge necessary to perform at your very best during your interview.

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October 23, 2012

Mission Admission

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