MBA Admissions Myths Destroyed: I Have No International Experience!

mbaMission hosts a weekly blog series, “Admissions Myths Destroyed,” for our friends at Beat the GMAT. Check out the BTG site for fresh material and ours for “reprints.” The following piece was penned by mbaMission Founder, Jeremy Shinewald:

In the past, we have addressed the prevailing MBA admissions myth that there is a “right” professional path to follow. Just as there is no ideal position to have pre-MBA, there is no ideal life experience either. International experience is not a prerequisite for admission to top MBA programs, so a lack of international experience does not suddenly disqualify you.

It is fair to write that admissions officers want a geographically and experientially diverse class and that most MBA candidates these days have some international exposure, either through travel or work. But, it is important to keep in mind that international exposure is not limited to physically being out of the country. If you are dealing with suppliers abroad or running a weekly conference call with a team in another country, even if you are an American dealing with this from the U.S. or an Indian managing these tasks from India, you still have international experience.

However, even if you are an American working for a US company with a US based product or service and US based customers, as unlikely as that is these days, you are not applying with one hand tied behind your back. Again, there is no checklist at the admissions office. If you have not had the personal resources or the professional opportunities to gain international experience, you can still become a business leader – the two are not mutually exclusive. So, like all MBA candidates, you will need to explain to the admissions committee how your MBA will help you achieve your dreams. Gaining an international education and international exposure through your MBA may just be a crucial step in reaching your goals.

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