Free Consultation: MBA Admissions

As you progress through onTrack by mbaMission, you will undoubtedly have questions that are so specific that only an expert can answer. Fortunately, the experts who created onTrack are standing by, ready to answer any questions you might have via a free 30-minute consultation. No matter where you are in the application process—whether you are striving to understand how competitive you are at your target programs, strategizing to mitigate a weakness in your profile, or trying to identify the right recommender—we can give you actionable feedback that will help you improve your MBA application. Simply provide some basic information about your candidacy and upload your resume, and mbaMission will contact you within one business day to schedule your complimentary half-hour consultation.

What to Expect

Think of your free consultation as your initial half-hour session with an experienced admissions consultant. What you discuss during that session is up to you! Before your meeting, take time to think about what you would like to get out of the conversation, and be ready to ask your most pressing questions. Your consultant will have already reviewed the resume and profile you submitted via our site.

What are applicants saying about our free consultation?

I get the sense that mbaMission has a lot more camaraderie than some of their peers — which I think is great! I had several 30 min consultations and was most impressed by mbaMission's professionalism, breadth of knowledge, and superior recommendations.
My consultation was outstanding. I was not expecting to get real, meaningful advice in only 30 minutes, but I came away from the call with a series of actionable next steps. It was very helpful to hear a neutral, unbiased perspective on my profile. Thank you!
I have had other free consultations with other companies and this was by far the best. I felt that [my mbaMission consultant] was very well prepared for our call, had studied up on my issues, offered great feedback, pointed me in the right direction for further development, and opened the door for a continued conversation. I was very impressed!
Those 30 minutes on the phone were the 30 most useful minutes I’ve had since I began my MBA application process.
I appreciated that the consultant did not use the consultation to peddle the services of mbaMission, but used the whole time to answer as many of my questions as possible.
Honestly, unlike other consultants I’ve had discussions with at other firms, she was great. She took the time to ask me questions and took an interest in my profile.

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