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In under 30 minutes, Dan identified the key issues with my previous b-school applications and current list of target schools, and got me on a path that I’m confident will lead to more success this time around. I look forward to working with him more.
It was clear that Susan had prepared for our call and I felt like she had good ideas that were tailored to my situation. She was able to provide valuable insights, answered all of my questions and convinced me that mbaMission can help me during the application process. I thought the consultation was great!
Eric was straight forward, to the point, knowledgeable and very honest. I would definitely recommend any aspiring student to work with him.
Hollis was more than helpful during the free consultation. I was impressed by the level of tailored advice she was able to give me based on such a minimal amount of background information and it was a pleasure speaking with her in general. I will certainly refer anyone I know that is also applying to business school to her.
After reviewing the information provided, Adam made a very helpful and honest assessment of my competitiveness and areas for improvement. He is clearly extremely talented and was a huge help. I really appreciate the time he spent with me and will certainly be acting on all of his recommendations.
I was really impressed with Angela. Even though it was a free consult, she approached it like I was a paying customer. She was thoughtful, funny and kind. I really enjoyed meeting her.
Debbie did an amazing job with my consultation. She gave me honest and helpful advice and it will go a long way towards my career and MBA goals In addition, she never tried to sell me on the services that mbaMission has to offer! Thank you Debbie for your help and I’m grateful for your invaluable advice.
I had consultations with few other consultants and no-one has been as straightforward as Helen. The best part was that she addressed all my queries honestly and sincerely and did not try to push her services all the while. She was very considerate to accommodate me despite my missed deadline.
John’s service was exceptional. I was honestly expecting a sales pitch with some tidbits of advice, but he immediately started with a detailed analysis of my situation and bona fide recommendations. He seemed invested in my success and I appreciate all he did. I am strongly considering continued service.
I have taken free consultation calls with other consultants as well but my experience with mbaMission has been the best till date. Pamela has given some great piece of advice to me that will definitely help me a lot. Pamela, Thanks for your time and your invaluable feedback.
Jessica Shklar provided extremely valuable advice not only on my strengths and weaknesses as a candidate overall, but also dived into the specifics of my resume. She also brought out the storyline in my personal essay in a cohesive way that I wasn't able to pinpoint previously. It was definitely one of the most productive conversations I've ever had. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Jessica in the future.
Rachel did a great job of understanding my story with very limited information. She provided very useful additional insight and answered all my questions. The 30 minutes consultation with Rachel has definitely significantly improved my application and offered some very important suggestions as far as how to approach the rest of my upcoming school visits.
Katharine was experienced, thoughtful, and caring. She provided very insightful advice that directly answered my questions (vs. giving generic, common-sense answers), followed up with a detailed email summarizing our conversation to ensure I captured all the major takeaways, and even offered to connect me with her former client who had applied for the same joint program a year before. Overall, I really enjoyed my conversation with her. Thank you Katharine!
Liza, in only 30 minutes, synthesized my biographical information and zeroed in on the correct way to package myself in my applications and discussed any other steps I need to take in order to be a successful applicant to MBA programs. She patiently answered all of my questions and was just an absolute pleasure to work with.
Lynn responded quickly and provided great feedback and changed the way i was viewing my application. Very much looking forward to working with her!
I really appreciated Monica’s candid feedback. She listened intently to what I had to say and provided me with a realistic outlook on my potential prospects for top-tier MBA program. I could automatically tell that she read through the files and information that I provided prior to the free consult, and based on her attitude and mbaMission’s track record, I will definitely be using your services to assist me in my process to acceptance to one or more of my top-five MBA programs.

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