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MBA Applicants - The Complete Start-to-Finish Package

You will have a coach/partner guiding you through all aspects of the “Complete Start-to-Finish” process for each school that you purchase. The CSTF process includes the following:

Stage 1: Candidate Assessment

We will advise you on various issues facing your candidacy such as retaking the GMAT, enrolling in math and finance courses, selecting a volunteer organization to join, planning campus visits and connecting with alumni to learn specifics about programs.

Stage 2: Program Compatibility

We will help you understand your competitiveness at your target programs and develop a strategy with you to move forward.

Stage 3: Brainstorming

Through one-on-one idea generation sessions, we will help you identify inspirational stories from your past. We will help you place these stories into the larger context of your application, developing essays for each school in your package that highlight your unique attributes.

Stage 3: Outlining

By working with you to develop a framework for each essay, we will help you establish the foundation for a compelling essay.

Stage 4: Essay Writing

Your consultant will review your first draft for continuity, clarity and distinctiveness. As your essays take shape, we will fine-tune each draft, focusing on sentence structure, grammar, style, word count and flow. mbaMission only uses Microsoft Word for editing; we do not use GoogleDocs or any other program.

Resume and Short Answer Preparation

Your resume and response to “short answer” questions are a crucial part of your application. We will ensure that they are results oriented and complement, rather than duplicate, your resume and essays, so that you bolster your overall possibilities of success.

Letters of Recommendation

We will advise you during the process of selecting and managing those who will write your letters of recommendation. If your recommenders permit us to review the letters, we will also provide comments on their letters.

Stage 5: Interview Preparation

We will help you prepare for your interviews through interview preparation sessions (in which we will use questions asked to previous candidates for your selected schools). You are entitled to one interview preparation session per package school purchased.

Stage 6: Post-Acceptance

We provide objective advice when you are deciding which school you will attend. We will brainstorm with you once again and work with you to write scholarship essays. Clients can work with their consultant on as many scholarship essays as the number of schools in their package, e.g. if they purchase a 3-school package, 3 scholarship essays are included. All scholarship essays must be submitted by April 30 of the application year and scholarship essays must be for scholarships sponsored by the schools. Scholarship essays from outside organizations will incur an extra fee.

Package work includes any work for a particular school; clients may not “mix and match” components of multiple schools to create a hybrid package. However, clients may use the mock interview component of their package for any school, even if they did not work on a particular application with mbaMission, (with the exception of the Wharton Team-Based Discussion). In such cases, mbaMission would provide interview preparation only and would not assist with additional essays that the school may require in conjunction with the interview.

Dual Degree or Joint Degree Application

Dual degree or joint degree applications may require a surcharge that is determined by the number of additional components required.

Additional application or dual degree requiring application components in addition to an essay: Applicable package rate as detailed in “Package Fees”.

Hourly Services

All Hourly Services have a two-business-day response.

mbaMission charges a minimum, non-refundable hourly fee for two hours of our services.

*Any and all time that an mbaMission consultant directs towards an applicant file is deemed to be billable time.

mbaMission charges a minimum incremental fee, based on a five-minute time period for any client request. Therefore, any client interaction will be billed at this minimum rate. Any time required for a specific task that exceeds five minutes will be billed to the minute.

For example: A client sends a quick email a question. It takes the consultant three minutes to respond. The consultant would bill the client for five minutes of his/her time. To maximize your time, please bundle your questions!

Fees for Expedited Service

If you require expedited feedback on a specific portion of your application (and only if the Consultant has availability), mbaMission will accommodate faster turnaround; however, this service will require an additional fee as follows:

$100 for any application item including each and every draft of an individual essay, a resume, a short answer document, a recommendation and other miscellaneous application items. Compiling multiple essays into one document will incur multiple expedited fees ($100 per essay). Expedited documents will be returned within one (1) business day.


Senior Consultant Managing Director Executive Director Founder
1-School Package $6,400 $7,700 $9,500 -
2-School Package $8,100 $9,900 $11,700 -
3-School Package $9,700 $11,800 $13,600 $18,500
4-School Package $11,100 $13,500 $15,300 $21,000
5-School Package $12,200 $15,000 $16,800 $23,500
6-School Package $13,100 $16,300 $18,100 $26,000
7-School Package $14,000 $17,600 $19,400 $28,500
Each Additional School $2,400 $2,900 $3,150
1 Hour $425 $575 $700
5-hour Bundle $1,950 $2,700 $3,300
First interview session (Phone or Skype) $900 $1,200 $1,500
Second interview session (Phone or Skype) $750 $1,000 $1,300
Two-interview package (Phone or Skype) $1,500 $2,050 $2,650
Video essay questions $800 $1,000 $1,200
Ding Review $900 $1,100 $1,400
HBS Mock Interview & Post-Interview Reflection $1,000 $1,300 $1,700
Wharton TBD $700 - -
Each Expedited Essay $100 $100 $100
Hourly Career Coaching $425 - -
Essay Package $1,000 $1,200 $1,500 $1,500
1 HBS Intensive Interview - $1,900* -
2 HBS Intensive Interview - $2,750* -
3 HBS Intensive Interviews - $3,500* -
5 HBS Intensive Interview - $5,000* -
1 Additional HBS Intensive Interview - $1,200* -

*With Devi Vallabhaneni only.

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