Five Strategies for Increasing Your Visibility on LinkedIn 

Five Strategies for Increasing Your Visibility on LinkedIn - mbaMissionThis post was written by our resident Career Coach, Elissa Harris. To sign up for a free 30-minute career consultation with Elissa, please click here.

Optimizing your LinkedIn presence requires more than just creating a compelling profile. It involves engaging with your network, building relationships, and gaining visibility among your target audience. An effective strategy for achieving these goals is to post, share, and comment on content within the LinkedIn platform. 

Below are five suggestions for attracting attention to your LinkedIn profile: 

  1. Be strategic. Your content should reinforce your brand and areas of expertise/interest. Think about why people would follow you. What is your edge? What do you want to be known for? Use this as a guide for the type of content you post or share.  
  2. Post frequently. Post at least once a week but not more than once per day. You can comment on content, share existing content, or create your own content. 
  3. Reach your target audience. Use relevant hashtags in your posts but not more than three in any one post. Tag others in your industry (not more than three people), especially those who are likely to share your content and comment on your post. Make sure your profile has a picture and that you have at least 200 connections. 
  4. Encourage interaction to signal the relevance of your posts. Get early engagement with at least five comments on your post within the first 60 minutes (or sooner). Post when your network is available to respond. Respond or react to each comment that is made on your post. Interact with other posts within 60 minutes of posting your own content.
  5. Drive engagement with your posts. Images are twice as likely to get comments as text-only posts. Videos are also a great tool for visibility! Ask questions of your audience, and encourage them to share their opinions. Limit links to content that originated outside of the LinkedIn platform; perhaps add the link as the first comment to your post.

In addition to posting content to gain visibility on LinkedIn, you can do the following:  

  • Customize your LinkedIn URL. Click on “Edit public profile & URL” on your Profile page. Remove unnecessary numbers and letters at the end of the URL. Use this clean URL on your resume and in your email signature. 
  • Keep your profile up to date. Review it every six months to ensure it reflects your current personal brand. Adapt your positioning in the “About” section. Add new job responsibilities, volunteer activities, and skill development courses. Seek new companies and key influencers to follow.
  • Join industry- and skill-based LinkedIn Groups to learn about the space from professionals and to exchange ideas. Recruiters often belong to these groups and will engage with active members who have the right combination of interest and knowledge. 
  • Use relevant keywords in your headline and “About” section. Recruiters search LinkedIn for ideal candidates using keywords listed in the job description (especially in the responsibilities section). 

Finally, we also recommend reading LinkedIn News for insights on business, career, and economic news. For example, a recent post (“LinkedIn Top Startups 2020: The 50 U.S. companies on the rise”) highlighted hot start-ups and shared a listing that can be used to identify target companies for a job search or to understand key trends in investments and customer behavior.   

To learn more about mbaMission’s perspective on LinkedIn, read our previous blog posts “Are You Maximizing the Benefits of LinkedIn?” and “Six Tips for Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile.” 

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