Learn How Proday’s Sarah Kunst Created a Fitness App Featuring Pro Athletes

Learn How Proday’s Sarah Kunst Created a Fitness App Featuring Pro Athletes - mbaMission

Sarah Kunst, Founder of Proday

Today, many aspiring MBAs and MBA graduates want to join start-ups or launch such companies themselves. Is entrepreneurship as exciting as it seems? Is it really for you? mbaMission Founder Jeremy Shinewald has teamed up with Venture for America and CBS Interactive to launch Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast. Each week, Shinewald interviews another entrepreneur so you can hear the gritty stories of their ups and downs on the road to success.

Fitness app Proday is the latest brainchild of Sarah Kunst, who has been featured on such lists as “Top Women Under 35” (Marie Claire) and “Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech” (Business Insider). Kunst began her wide-ranging career as a campus representative at Michigan State University, representing such companies as Apple and Red Bull, only a handful of years before launching Proday, a subscription-based app that offers workouts with and by fitness celebrities and professional athletes. Tune in to this podcast episode to hear these and other highlights from Kunst’s success story:

  • How a love for money—or, more specifically, the things money can buy—drove Kunst from early on
  • Why she left the venture capital world to pursue entrepreneurship
  • How professional wrestler/actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave Kunst the first spark of inspiration for Proday

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