Learn from Entrepreneurs’ Mistakes—Tune in to Founder Fireside Chats from San Antonio Startup Week!

Today, many aspiring MBAs and MBA graduates want to join start-ups or launch such companies themselves. Is entrepreneurship as exciting as it seems? Is it really for you? mbaMission Founder Jeremy Shinewald has teamed up with Venture for America and CBS Interactive to launch Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast. Each week, Shinewald interviews another entrepreneur so you can hear the gritty stories of their ups and downs on the road to success. 

The podcast series breaks the mold with a new type of episode—a broadcast from San Antonio Startup Week featuring a panel assembled by a Venture for America fellow. The panel discussion, titled “Founder Fireside Chats: Learning from Mistakes, Pivots, & Failures,” explores the less-than-stellar moments of each entrepreneur’s history and how the panelists overcame their obstacles. The panel is composed of four fascinating professionals, including

  • Magaly Chocano, CEO of Web site design company Sweb Development, who discusses how to regain confidence after failure
  • Melissa Unsell, vice president and founding member of the legal discovery firm elumicor, who shares how she fine-tuned the product with her core customer standing mere feet away to ensure perfection

Subscribe to the series today to hear this fascinating panel discussion as well as dozens of other exciting entrepreneurial stories!

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