In Other News… The Best Online MBA Programs, Tips for Older Applicants, and NYU Stern’s New Sustainable Business Center

In Other News… The Best Online MBA Programs, Tips for Older Applicants, and a New Sustainable Business Center at NYU Stern - mbaMission

IE Business School campus, located in Madrid, Spain.

The business school world is constantly buzzing with change and innovation. Each week, in addition to our regular news posts, we briefly touch on a few notable stories from this dynamic field in one roundup. Here is what caught our eye this week:

  • Online MBA programs have been a hot discussion topic for a while now. Although the jury is still out as to whether online degrees will gain widespread popularity in the future, the Financial Times annually ranks the programs offering them. The 2016 rankings were released recently, with the top three programs unchanged from the previous year: IE Business School, located in Madrid, Spain, again claimed the number-one position, with Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) and the Hough Graduate School of Business at the University of Florida taking second and third, respectively.
  • Are you an older MBA applicant? By “older,” we mean 30 years or more—which is young by most standards, but a bit above the average age for business school hopefuls. If you are, you may be overlooking some important aspects when considering your target schools, a recent Forbes article suggests. According to the article, the upsides to being older than many other applicants include likely having a number of accomplishments on your resume and the related success stories to boot, while the downsides include the widely held notion that older candidates are “set in their ways and not […] as open to new ideas.”
  • The New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business recently announced in a press release the establishment of its new Center for Sustainable Business. The Citi Foundation donated $1M to fund the center, which will host such introductory events as a fireside chat with the CEO of Nespresso, a job fair, and a TED Talk by Tensie Whelan, an environmentalist and the founding director of the center.

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