In Other News… A Mobile MBA, a Master’s Degree in Business and Fashion, and Harvard’s Gender Initiative

In Other News… A Mobile MBA, a Master’s Degree in Business and Fashion, and Harvard’s Gender Initiative - mbaMission

The new mobile MBA program would allow students to access learning materials and tutors on their smartphones.

The business school world is constantly buzzing with change and innovation. Each week, in addition to our regular news posts, we briefly touch on a few notable stories from this dynamic field in one roundup. Here is what caught our eye this week:

  • Business schools are constantly evolving to stay competitive. Now, the London School of Marketing has taken a technological step forward by launching a mobile MBA program. Students can access learning materials and tutors on their smartphones, allowing for a more flexible study schedule. “Our blended learning approach to higher education gives the student the best of both worlds,” the school’s CFO Anton Dominique commented to the International Business Times. “[Students] can study at a time and place to suit them and we’ve adapted the technology we use to make that happen.”
  • Back in the United States, another school is hoping to build a bridge between fashion and business education with a Master of Science in Business of Fashion program. Rutgers Business School-Newark and Brunswick designed the program to “create a new breed of industry professionals,” Tavy Ronen, the founding director of the program, commented in a press release from the school. The program will launch in the fall, and students will be able to complete the degree in either one or two years.
  • Last year, Harvard Business School launched its Gender Initiative, which was intended to—according to the school—“promote the advancement of women in business.” One year later, the Harvard Crimson took a closer look at how the initiative has fared. Angela C. Winkle, president of the school’s Women’s Student Association, believes the initiative has raised awareness on campus of gender imbalance in business. “[It is] very much in the consciousness [of students and faculty],” she commented.

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