Learn How a Friendly Bet Led David Greenberg to Found Updater

Learn How a Friendly Bet Led David Greenberg to Found Updater - mbaMission

David Greenberg

Today, many aspiring MBAs and MBA graduates want to join start-ups or launch such companies themselves. Is entrepreneurship as exciting as it seems? Is it really for you? mbaMission Founder Jeremy Shinewald has teamed up with Venture for America and CBS Interactive to launch Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast. Each week, Shinewald interviews another entrepreneur so you can hear the gritty stories of their ups and downs on the road to success.

Almost anyone who has moved is familiar with the hassle of sharing their new address with friends and family, utility companies, and other businesses. Updater, a tool designed to make this task easier, has grown rapidly from a business-to-consumer start-up to a business-to-business firm worth $15M. The man behind it all, David Greenberg, explained to Shinewald how he pulled it off. This podcast episode features these highlights and more:

  • How Greenberg—a practicing lawyer at the time—came up with the idea of Updater
  • How a friend’s bet got the company’s concept off the ground
  • What made Greenberg and his team realize that Updater might work best as a business-to-business model

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