mbaMission Consultant Spotlight: Rachel Beck

At mbaMission, our consultants are more than just graduates of the world’s top MBA programs—we are also expert communicators who possess an unparalleled knowledge of the admissions process. Each week, we highlight one member of our team who has committed his/her professional life to helping you get into business school.

mbaMission Consultant Spotlight: Rachel BeckA graduate of Lehigh University, Rachel Beck holds a master’s degree in journalism and earned her MBA from Columbia Business School, where she was awarded the prestigious Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics Business Journalism. While at Columbia, Rachel was both a teaching assistant and an officer in the retail club. She also served as a resume reviewer for the MBA program’s Career Management Center and volunteered for iPrep, a program that helps the underprivileged learn and improve their interview skills. Since graduating from Columbia, Rachel has been an alumni admissions interviewer for the school. Before joining mbaMission, Rachel was the national business columnist and features writer for The Associated Press, where she covered such topics as the financial crisis and Great Recession, consumer trends, accounting issues in corporate America and executive pay. Rachel has interviewed dozens of Fortune 500 CEOs and has been featured in numerous radio and TV spots on major news events. Her award-winning columns and stories have appeared in newspapers and on online news sites worldwide.

Quick Facts:

Received MBA from: Columbia Business School
Undergraduate field of study: Government
Fields worked in prior to mbaMission: Journalism
Working style: Energetic, supportive and positive, but firm when necessary
Five things you want your clients to know about you:
1. “Coming from a journalism background, story-telling is in my blood. I see my clients’ lives as the ultimate stories to tell, and love to look for interesting details to bring them to life.”
2. “Working as an alumni interviewer for Columbia Business School, I loved being on the “other side” of the table. It made me acutely aware of what works during MBA interviews (clearly defined career goals) and what doesn’t (vague, drawn out answers).”
3. “I often joke that I know more about my clients than some of their friends and family. But that’s a good thing – I love the bonds we form and the long-term relationships we build.”
4. “Nothing makes me happier than hearing from a former client who is doing exactly what he/she had hoped post-MBA. It reminds me of why I love this job.”
5. “I used “love” a lot in this list. I know that means I am passionate about the work I do, and the service that I offer my clients each and every day.”

What past clients are saying:

“I decided to work with mbaMission at the recommendation of a friend and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. Rachel was an incredible asset throughout. I can say with near certainty that I would not have been accepted a top 5 school without her help! Work with her. You won’t regret it.”

“I found my experience with mbaMission to be incredibly rewarding and it absolutely helped me to be admitted to my top choice business school. Rachel was instrumental in my successful application to business school. I felt like she was my partner in the entire application process and would recommend her to anyone seeking admission to a top tier business school.”

“I felt like I was more than just a job to her – Rachel has a great personality, is easy to talk to and really is looking out for her client’s best interest. Rachel was, without a doubt, money well spent. She really inspired me to write some great essays.”

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