MBA Career Advice: The Awesome Email Introduction

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You are going to connect two friends via email. You are building your network, and that entails connecting people to one another’s networks. Sometimes the connections you facilitate for others are the ones that end up helping you the most. Imagine that you are connecting a subordinate, Laura, to a high-level manager, Jake, from your past job. Assume that you have already asked Jake if he is okay with your connecting him with promising professionals when you come across them, or even with Laura specifically. Consider these three options to make the introduction:

Option 1

Email to: Laura

Hey, Laura, here is Jake’s email address. He is expecting your email. Follow up at whim!

Option 2

Email to: Laura and Jake

Hi Laura and Jake,

As promised, I am connecting you two. Enjoy!

Option 3

Email to: Laura and Jake

Hello, my dear friends. In my line of work, I get to meet a lot of extraordinary people, and it always gives me great pleasure when I can connect two of them to each other. Jake is a former financier turned social entrepreneur via Awesome University’s MBA. He is currently building a new social enterprise in India. Laura is a recent Amazing College grad who grew up in Uganda, speaks five languages fluently, and has very big, long-term social impact ambitions. She has already founded a successful nonprofit aiding education in her hometown. You are both award-winning photographers, which is why I have chosen Facebook as the means to connect you. Jake, will you please let Laura know everything you know about finding work in the social impact space and what if any opportunities there might be for her with your company, given that her own MBA is still at least three years away? Thanks, you two. Enjoy!!!!

You should go with Option 3. Why?

  1. This email actually deepens your individual relationship with each of them, because it acknowledges what is great about them and shows your appreciation.
  2. It creates an instant connection between them by virtue of their values and strengths. These two will undoubtedly follow up and become useful connections to each other.
  3. You make connecting very easy for them. They do not have to figure out what they are supposed to do—you have laid it out for them by suggesting the specific ways in which Jake can be useful to Laura.

Be thoughtful when you connect people to each other. Do it not only because it is generous but also because it will someday serve you in ways you cannot possibly predict.

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