Friday Factoid: Career Change Mentoring at NYU Stern

We all know that some aspiring MBAs view their time in business school as a platform through which they can execute a career change. Recognizing that these “career switchers” can benefit from as much exposure as possible to their desired new industry, New York University’s (NYU’s) Stern School of Business offers its Industry Mentoring Initiative (IMI). The IMI provides students who are committed to changing their career path with a chance to immerse themselves in their new targeted industry. Specifically, Stern partners with major corporations in New York City whose employees agree to mentor students who wish to make a career shift. Students thereby gain access to industry-specific mock interviews, networking opportunities and Q&A sessions with their mentors. In recent years, five IMI tracks were offered: Sales and Trading, Investment Banking, Consulting, Marketing and Entertainment and Media. All first-year students can apply to participate in the IMI, and each year, approximately 8–15 students are selected for each career track.

If you are looking to make a career switch, you may want to look to Stern and immerse yourself in IMI!

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