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I worked with Hollis on an hourly basis to polish up my application to 3 top ten business schools. At first I was hesitant to invest such a large sum in 60 minutes of a person's time. However, I went on to buy not one but six hours of Hollis's time, and can confidently say that every minute we worked together was the best possible use of my time and money.

Hollis was an excellent consultant for a number of reasons, here are some of my favorite characteristics:

  • Prompt: Hollis always returned my material within the allotted time (48 hours), and often in half that time. This made me feel like my work was a priority to her, and it was also immensely useful to turn around final drafts and submit material in time for the Round 2 deadlines.
  • Positive: All of Hollis's efforts were geared towards helping me present my best self, and that extended even to the tone and nature of our communications. She constantly encouraged me, while also giving the detailed feedback I needed to improve my application.
  • Clear: Gone are the days of illusive feedback from professors about how to improve your English essays. The feedback Hollis gave on my personal statements was always very clear and easy to integrate, without losing my personal tone. This really helped me understand what the AdComs were looking for and significantly improved my statements as a result.
This Fall I will be attending Stanford GSB, a school I almost didn't apply to because it felt so far out of reach. I'm confident that Hollis played an instrumental role in elevating my application to the status that helped it get noticed and, ultimately, accepted by my dream business school.

Stanford GSB Admit Admit (via GMAT Club)

I chose Hollis Kline from mbaMission as my consultant after speaking with consultants from several other firms. During my free 30-minute consultation, she gave me clear and pertinent feedback on my profile. Her analysis actually helped me identify areas in which I could improve my candidacy and how I could position myself for my target schools. This was even before I had chosen my consultant!

I found it very easy to work with Hollis because her style of asking questions to develop my MBA profile helped me generate compelling essay themes later on. She took the time to understand my story, not just my academic and professional achievements to strengthen my positioning. Overall, her feedback and guidance were very thoughtful, and she was readily available to help when deadlines were approaching. I found that her punctuality and quality of feedback were perfect even when I would send a number of documents to review in a short amount of time.

Specifically, the biggest thing that stood out for me was that Hollis helped me draw a strong relation between my important life decisions and the experiences that led me to make those decisions. My essays would not have been nearly as good without her direction. More importantly, I got a sense of achievement because her reviews made me think deeply and come up with the content on my own. In the end, my content was original and impressive, and I got into the school of my choice despite a modest GMAT score.

I highly recommend Hollis as your admissions consultant. Do start with a 30-minute consultation with her and you will be glad that you did!

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

As an international candidate with an ordinary profile, I had never thought I could ace my way to a top business school. But, Hollis made it happened. I am accepted to Haas School of Business - my dream school. Her helps and supports played a vital part in my success. She was very patient going with me through my ten pages of idea generation. When it came to essay editing, she kept my voice genuine and helped connect all my discrete pieces of information into a beautiful mosaic. I especially appreciate her response pattern; she always went ahead deadlines. And that gave me a lot of opportunities to revise my essays more times. She was so dedicated that she even responded to my just-sent email a few minutes before she was on a plane for her very important and personal event. I just felt so sorry for waiting until last minutes and then made that request as an emergency for her. Hollis also painstakingly guided me on how to enhance my application by utilizing my strengths - my experience, my personal background, and my story – and mitigating my weaknesses – low GPA, low TOEFL score, and lack of international exposure. Under her guidance, each of my application was tailored in a very unique way that can yield me the best chance to get in each specific school. An interviewer from a school that I was admitted in especially liked a detail that Hollis recommended me to use as my selling point for that school. I would definitely choose to work with Hollis should I again go through the process. Her thoughtful advises and her super dedicated maneuvers make her source you can always trust.

Haas Admit (via GMAT Club)

I am writing this review to make sure others know that mbaMission’s Start-to-Finish MBA application service was well worth the investment.

I purchased and enrolled in a two-school package through mbaMission and could not have been happier with the decision. I worked extensively with Hollis Kline and do not believe I would have been accepted to my #1 school without her guidance. Over the course of two months she helped me to completely restructure my resume and finalize (through 7-8 versions in between) six essays for my two applications. Reading some of the first drafts of the essays after acceptance to my first-choice program was comical. They each had come so far in their structure and content. Not only did she make sure every word count, Hollis was able to help craft a great story that led the adcom through all the personal events in my life that made me a great candidate.

I will offer a word of caution, just hiring a professional consultant will not guarantee acceptance to your dream school. The application process is very tough and no single consultant will be able to write the essays/resume for you. It takes a substantial amount of work on the applicant’s part — both in brainstorming and developing a working relationship with the consultant. But if willing to give the effort necessary, I couldn’t see why you wouldn’t reach out to someone such as Hollis.

The biggest step in mbaMission’s process is completing a 30 page document with basically outlines your entire life story and why you NEED to go to B-school. After completing this document, Hollis was able to pinpoint the best stories to present to the adcom. This is what I was most impressed with. We had never met in person, but it seemed as if we had known each other for years and knew exactly was most important in my life and what would work best in an application essay.

In closing, it is very simple — if you want to give yourself a leg up on the competition and the best shot in attending your dream school, reach out a speak to Hollis. You won’t regret it.

UNC Kenan Flagler Admit (via GMAT Club)

I highly recommend working with Hollis Kline at MBA Mission, as I had a great experience with her and couldn't be happier with how my applications turned out. She was tremendous at helping me identify the best work experiences and stories to include in my essays, and at effectively addressing my lower GMAT quant score. I applied to 5 schools and was admitted to 3, including an M7 with a quant focus.

Hollis's feedback on my essays was clear and critical, and she always applauded the things she thought I did especially well. The result was well-written, strategic essays that were genuine and all derived from the points I wanted to emphasize to the AdComs. I felt great about every application I submitted, and there wasn't a single one I wasn't 100% happy with.

Hollis was always available by phone and email, whether to discuss an essay, an approach for an interview, or to talk about next steps when my GMAT retake didn't go as well as I had hoped.

Additionally, she encouraged me to really think about what I want to get out of my MBA experience. This was invaluable knowledge as I went through the application process, and it's now helping me as I've started reaching out to alumni at my school to discuss my intended post-MBA career path.

Chicago Booth and NYU Stern Admit

I am extremely happy I signed up for the Start to Finish package of mbaMission. I had an initial call with Hollis Kline in May’13 where she gave practical and specific feedback on my profile. Once I signed up for the package in Sep’13 I knew I had a strong consultant to bank on for any questions I would have (trust me, there were a lot). I couldn’t be happier as I got admission from a good B school in USA and am going to join the school this Fall 2014.

The best part I liked about mbaMission was the extremely professional and meticulous way the whole process is defined and followed. Hollis was particularly practical in her approach to admissions. She didn’t promise the stars; she helped me create the perfect stories from my life experiences to suit the schools of my fit and choice. The crux of the process was the initial brainstorming exercise we had which served as the base for essays. She drew a fine balance between aggression and caution while reviewing my list of schools and suggested the ideal mix. The application process is a marathon and I had myriad questions throughout the process and her response to my mails was always swift and helpful. I am grateful to her for her flexible and helpful approach during my hour of need. Thank you Hollis!

The only regret I have is not signing up for the package early in the admissions cycle. I strongly recommend the STF package of mbaMission for all aspiring MBA students out there. Good luck!

Vanderbilt Own Admit (via GMAT Club)

I applied to 3 top American business schools with MbaMission's support and I got an offer from 2 of those. I think that being supported by a specialized consulting firm like MbaMission is fundamental to be accepted into different top business schools. Here what I liked about working with MbaMission:

  1. It is a very structured company (you are followed step-by-step during the entire application journey)
  2. It provides you with a lot of material
  3. It has parent companies that can help you after the admission (financing your MBA and career development)
And now what I liked about Hollis:

  1. She is very creative (she came up with a lot interesting ideas on how to present thoughts at best)
  2. She is very patient in reading your essays as many time as you need
  3. She is pleasant to work with
  4. Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Haas, and Duke Fuqua Admit

Hollis Kline consulted me on my applications for business school. She was very helpful in both crafting my application and guiding me on where to apply. Hollis has a very clear sense of what each school is looking for and how best to approach each essay. She gave me great ideas about how to start each essay and structure each paragraph thereafter. She helped me in broadest sense, brainstorming, ideas about which anecdotes would prove most effective and also went over my essay word for word, helping me to proofread the essay so it was just right. Hollis was also able to guide me on the short answer questions throughout the application. Once I turned my application in I felt very confident and I ended up at my top choice school.

B-School Admit (via GMAT Club)

Hollis, through mbaMission, was extremely helpful throughout my application process to Wharton. We all know how stressful the application process can be and she played a big part in reducing that stress. The process they have structured helped me reflect on my life and crystallize the message and theme of my application. That brainstorming process was instrumental in selecting the topics for my essays. After selecting the topics, Hollis was very helpful in reviewing the material and continuously supported me in fine tuning my message. She was accessible, responsive and insightful and was always available to talk through my concerns or objectives in each essay. In addition, the mock Wharton TBD prep was also extremely helpful and I went into the session feeling prepared and confident. I would highly recommend her services.

Wharton Admit (via GMAT Club)

Hollis was EXTREMELY helpful, and clearly spent time preparing in order to provide me the most useful advice possible. I will be using MBA Mission as I go through the application process, and will recommend it to my friends.

B-School Applicant

Hollis was fantastic and while 30 minutes was too little time to really dive into the different elements of my application and answer all my questions, it was time well spent and even I have some good ideas to work with based on her guidance. Overall I'm very happy with her support and will consider working with her more, depending on the cost which I still need to review.

B-School Applicant

Hollis was fantastic, she was open to discussing whatever I was interested in without putting pressure to schedule a follow up appointment. We were able to get right down to business and she offered constructive criticism that was also supportive and encouraging. Thank you!

B-School Applicant

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