Exclusive Recommendation by Manhattan Prep and Kaplan

Manhattan Prep

“We used to work with ten MBA admissions consulting firms, but our students told us that mbaMission delivered the best customer experience. Pairing with the best was a no-brainer. We share the same values when it comes to rigorous hiring standards and a client-first orientation. We know our alumni are in great hands with mbaMission.”

Rey Fernandez, President

When Manhattan Prep entered the test-prep scene, it revolutionized the field by dedicating a large portion of its resources to attracting and retaining the most skilled and qualified teachers—and was therefore able to provide the best service to its clients. When Manhattan Prep’s leadership learned that by taking the exact same approach, mbaMission had assembled an elite team of MBAs from the country’s top schools, a partnership was born. Manhattan Prep’s president at the time, Dan Gonzalez noted, “We used to work with ten MBA admissions consulting firms, but our GMAT students kept telling us that mbaMission delivered the best customer experience, which led to their consistent acceptances at target schools. … Pairing with the best just became a no-brainer for us.” From providing thoughtful content via the GMATTERS newsletter, to conducting live events in major cities across the country, to offering free 30-minute consultations to prospective applicants, to distributing complimentary copies of our Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide, mbaMission has established itself as a trusted name with Manhattan Prep students.


“In order to provide the best experience for our students, we knew it was important for us to partner with mbaMission. Both of our organizations are dedicated to helping students succeed in achieving their MBA goals.”

Brian Carlidge, Executive Director, Kaplan Test Prep

In 2010, when Kaplan asked mbaMission to help launch its Road to Business School events worldwide by offering our “Writing Effective Essays” presentation online and in several major cities, we knew we had to bring our A game. We saw this special opportunity as a chance to collaborate with the preeminent name in the test-prep field internationally. After each presentation, we took time to meet with participants one-on-one to ensure that all their questions had been addressed. As a result, traffic to our Web site surged, and we gained some new clients, who later told Kaplan’s leadership about their positive experiences with our firm. Today, Kaplan refers its students exclusively to mbaMission, because its leaders have seen the value of our straightforward, thoughtful, hands-on approach to business school admissions and our deep commitment to our clients.

In addition, Kaplan endorses our Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide—a great honor for our firm—and we send this book, free of charge, to each and every one of Kaplan’s clients around the world. We also continue to co-host numerous events online and in person every year, with the mutual goal of providing the best pre-MBA preparation possible to Kaplan’s students.