Professor Profiles: David Beim, Columbia Business School

Many MBA applicants feel that they are purchasing a brand when choosing a business school, but the educational experience is what is crucial to your future, and no one will affect your education more than your professors. Each Wednesday, we profile a standout professor as identified by students. Today, we focus on David Beim from Columbia Business School (CBS).

That a core-curriculum finance professor makes our roster of notable professors may be surprising to some of our readers—especially considering that many of CBS’s core-curriculum professors reportedly cycle through and leave the school after just a few years—but we learned that David Beim (“Corporate Finance” and “Emerging Financial Markets”) makes an impact on his classroom and his students by delving beneath the numbers. A recent alumnus we interviewed included Beim as one of CBS’s “amazing” professors with success in top industries, and another, referring to one of Beim’s courses, told mbaMission, “I think that class could have just been about how to run a pretty spreadsheet and be technically proficient, but he made it be about how finance is the lifeblood of a business.”

Although students are randomly assigned to their core finance course (with their cluster) and thus may not necessarily be enrolled in Beim’s course, the school offers ways for students to switch to other sections if they are so inclined (i.e., in this case, to get the chance to take the course with Beim). In 2010, he began to also teach “Fundamentals of Corporate Governance,” a new core course introduced for the Class of 2012. In addition, Beim teaches the elective “Banking Fundamentals: Value and Risk,” which allows more students to benefit from his expertise and teaching methodology.

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