Friday Factoid: Global Supply Chain Management at Stanford GSB

Located close to Silicon Valley—arguably the technology capital of the world—the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is well known for developing leaders in the field of technology and for its tech investment. However, the GSB is not as well known for its investment in resources dedicated to the manufacturing sector, which include the Global Supply Chain Management Forum.

The Global Supply Chain Management Forum is a research institute that partners with industrial organizations and researchers at the GSB. By collaborating with 25 affiliate companies, including Cisco Systems, Dow, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota and the Walt Disney Company, the forum seeks to, according to its Web site, “identify, document, research, develop, and disseminate best practices in a dynamic and increasingly global economic business environment.” The forum sponsors workshops, meetings and conferences throughout the year to fulfill this goal. For example, in the fall of 2011, it hosted a one-day workshop on global supply chain sustainability featuring the founder of Patagonia and entitled “How Green Was My Supply Chain,” and it offered an Executive Roundtable in the winter of 2011 on the topic of “Innovations in E-Commerce.” A European Supply Chain Forum workshop held in February 2012 examined the topic of “The Interface Between New Product Development and Supply Chain.” Supply chain is a management niche—one that can certainly be “filled” at Stanford.

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