Professor Profiles: Stuart Diamond, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Many MBA applicants feel that they are purchasing a brand when they choose a business school to attend, but the educational experience itself is crucial to your future, and no one will affect your education more than your professors. Each Wednesday, we profile a standout professor as identified by students. Today, we profile Stuart Diamond from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Wharton has several accomplished and popular professors who teach “Negotiations,” but students generally perceive Stuart Diamond (“Negotiations/Conflict Resolution”) as the “rock star” of this elite bunch—a true feat when you consider that the group includes the author of one of the course’s textbooks. Diamond encourages students to apply his teachings to every aspect of life, not just the negotiating table, and many of his students have been known to carry his negotiating reference card around with them in their wallets or purses. One alumnus declared, “The class changed the way I dealt with everything in my life. Should be a required course at Wharton!” For more than 90% of the semesters in the past 13 years, Diamond’s negotiation course has been the most popular elective in the program (based on points bid in the course auction).

Outside Wharton, Diamond practices what he preaches, having taught and advised on negotiation and cultural diversity to corporate and government leaders in more than 40 countries. A jack of all trades, Diamond has also worked as a lawyer and Wall Street executive, and was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at The New York Times.

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