MBA News: Atlantic Offers a Window into MBAs at the Clinton Foundation

In recent years, more and more MBA applicants are writing about their respective desires to enter the non-profit world or engage in social-entrepreneurship. At MBA Mission, we always recommend that candidates do their homework and truly understand their target fields before writing, whether this is achieved through interviewing those in their fields of choice, job shadowing, reading books or more. In this month’s Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch writes about the innovations and successes of the Clinton Foundation (“This is Not a Charity”); while the article is interesting (despite Rauch’s fawning) in and of itself, it also serves as an opportunity for prospective MBAs to truly get a sense of the environemnt at a cutting-edge, socially-entrepreneurial organization and, to a lesser extent, learn about what is expected of MBAs at the foundation. If you are planning to write about ambitions in this field, this article is a must.

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