MBA Admissions: What Next?

Well, it is entirely possible that you pressed submit a number of times last week and that you will do so several more times this week. If you are like most candidates, you will soon emerge from a six month writing frenzy and suddenly discover novelties like sunshine and free time. The natural question many will have is, “What next?”

  1. Relax: For many candidates, the process is over and it is time to relax and enjoy life again. This is probably the easiest and most stress free option and thus needs little explanation.
  2. Start Preparing for Interviews: We certainly recommend a week or two off so that you can regain your composure and get some distance from your work. Thereafter, you might reacquaint yourself with your story and start testing yourself, so that you can deliver your best for different audiences in different environments (alumni/admissions/student; high-pressure/laidback). Please contact us if you need coaching for your interview; we offer comprehensive mock interview and feedback sessions.
  3. Look East: For those who are looking for international MBAs or simply high-quality programs with later deadlines, the European programs offer compelling opportunities. The following list only shows each school’s nearest deadlines; many extend even further: Cambridge-Judge (Rolling Until June 5th), ESADE (January 31), IMD (February 1), IESE (January 17/February 14), INSEAD (January 31), Oxford-Said (March 23).
  4. Look North: While your time is running out for Queen’s (January 15), you still have ample time to consider an application to Ivey (April 30), Schulich (February 1 is early decision) or Rotman (February 1 is early decision), as the Canadian schools follow spring deadlines.
  5. The Third Round: While the third round is challenging at top MBA programs, an acceptance is certainly not impossible. At MBA Mission, we observe the obvious, “If they were not prepared to accept anyone, they would not even have the third round”. We have seen strong candidates get accepted late in the cycle and if you have a standout application, it is not at all unreasonable to take a calculated-risk.
  6. Safety Schools: You have applied to all of your top-choices and now, you just want to sleep easy, knowing that you will be in school next year. For each candidate, the phrase “safety school” means something different. Our bottom line: ensure that you are actually willing to go or you are wasting your time and should be (see entry 1.)… relaxing.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Deadlines

  • MIT Sloan (Round 2)
  • INSEAD (Round 4)
  • UNC Kenan-Flagler (Round 3)
  • USC Marshall (Round 3)
  • Carnegie Mellon Tepper (Round 3)
  • London Business School (Round 3)
  • Cambridge Judge (Round 4)
  • NYU Stern (Round 4)

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