About mbaMission

Your Partner in the MBA Admissions Process

Full-Time Consultants with Elite MBA Experience

At mbaMission, admissions consulting is a professional calling and a full-time career, not an after-hours hobby. Our sole focus is helping you—our client—succeed. Getting into an elite business school is a crucial step in your career, so you deserve to have someone in your corner who is as committed to this goal as you are. Just as you would not want a part-time lawyer to represent you in court, you would not want a part-time consultant to assist you in this important endeavor. You deserve a knowledgeable, experienced partner who is responsive to and focused on your particular needs.

With mbaMission, you have one dedicated consultant with whom you work exclusively, but you actually benefit from the experience and input of our entire team. Our more than 20 full-time admissions experts communicate constantly with one another, sharing opinions and information, contributing ideas, providing feedback and advice on each other’s files, and offering recommendations. Anything we can do to strengthen your application and advance your cause, our team will figure out together.

Each Season, Only a Handful of Advisors Meet Our High Standards

What Others are Saying About Us

At one time, Manhattan Prep recommended as many as ten different admissions consulting firms to its clients. Now it recommends only one—mbaMission—because of the consistently positive feedback it received about our services. Similarly, when Kaplan GMAT decided to close its own MBA admissions consulting arm in favor of referring students to an external, high-touch firm, it ultimately chose mbaMission as its go-to partner. The best GMAT prep firms in the world trust in our services, and you can, too. Learn more about their recommendations here.

GMAT Club verifies that every reviewer on its site is an actual paying client of the firm being assessed. Not only does mbaMission have the most five-star reviews on GMAT Club by more than 100, but we also have more five-star reviews than many of our competitors combined. These accolades are from past clients who were pleased with our services, and we are proud of our standing both in their eyes and in the admissions consulting landscape. We hope to have the chance to provide you with exceptional service as well.

Constantly Working for You

Our consultants never stop learning and training. Twice a month, the entire team meets to update one another on admissions developments, introduce new ideas, and conduct consultant teach-ins. Every day, we share MBA news and discuss application-related issues via an internal team email string. And at our annual full-company conference, we gather to discuss best practices and continue to improve our skills and knowledge base. We know that being at the top of our game means our clients have the best chance of success.

We also have researchers on staff who regularly speak with students, alumni, and representatives of the leading MBA programs—even visiting the top schools whenever possible—to gather targeted information for our team members, our 16 Insider’s Guides, and our blog. In addition, all our package clients receive a free copy of our Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide (revised third edition), which includes numerous sample essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation and is also available for any interested applicants via our store. When you partner with mbaMission, you immediately benefit from a content team that has already been working on your behalf for years, thereby enabling you to rapidly accelerate the school selection and application process. We encourage you to schedule your free half-hour consultation today or even get started with our services right away. We look forward to helping you pursue your MBA admissions goals!

What Else?

At mbaMission, matching clients with the right consultant is of the utmost importance, so we let applicants choose which MBA professional they want by their side. Visit our team page to read our consultants’ bios and watch their videos. Then, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with the consultant you think might be best for you. If you ultimately decide to work with us, you alone will choose your dedicated consultant (if his/her capacity allows, of course). This partnership will help determine your future, so you deserve to have the final say regarding who your partner will be. Not every firm functions this way, but at mbaMission, we are client driven.

Our policy is to return clients’ work within two business days at the most and to respond to all emails within one business day, though we often do so in less time. We take this commitment seriously, and upholding it requires that we never overbook our consultants. Unfortunately, we have to turn away some interested applicants each year, because our consultants simply have no more capacity available to accept additional clients. Plain and simple, we would rather refuse new clients than underserve anyone. Because this is our full-time profession, we control our schedules and coordinate our work flow, so that we are able to respond to our clients’ needs in a measured, well-planned, and timely manner.