Services: MBA Students Services

Once you are enrolled at your target MBA program, a new challenge begins—identifying and landing the right summer or full-time job. Once again, you will need to stand out from your peers, this time to grab recruiters’ attention. The task of helping you gain a coveted position with one of the world’s most respected firms or corporations should not be left solely in the hands of overworked career services advisors, who may be too busy to give you the detailed personal attention you need and deserve. We offer a full suite of consulting services for MBA students that will give you a distinct competitive edge and maximize your chances of landing your dream job.


Recruiters must sift through hundreds—sometimes even thousands—of resumes, so they need a reason to pull yours from the pile. To stand out, your resume must be targeted and powerful, compelling and concise. We will help you create such a resume, whether from scratch or by updating and refining your existing draft. Ultimately, your final resume will outshine those of your peers both stylistically and substantively.

Cover Letters

When you have just three paragraphs with which to make a distinct and lasting impression, every word counts. We will help you craft cover letters that clearly emphasize your unique talents and strengths. By being acutely targeted toward your desired positions, your letters will make a strong first impression and help you gain highly sought-after interview slots.

Mock Interviews

To maximize your chances of success as you prepare for the interviews that could launch your career, you must refine your answers to difficult questions and be prepared to deliver them in a confident and comfortable manner. The key to such preparedness is repeated mock interviews. Using our connections with job applicants, recruiters and industry professionals, we stay up-to-date on interview styles and questions to offer you the most relevant and effective mock sessions. Our consultants will challenge you via these real-world interview simulations, ensuring that you are fully prepared for even the most aggressive interviewer.

Hourly Fees

Get Started $290 per hour