Services: Pre-Application Strategy

Profile Preparation Coaching

As you approach your business school applications, having a long-term plan in mind and benchmarks to achieve is crucial as you prepare for this incredibly important step in your life. We can help you navigate this stage of the admissions process so that when the time comes to differentiate yourself, you will have a host of professional, community and personal achievements to draw on.

Designed for applicants who are six to 24 months away from applying, this service offers comprehensive, ongoing coaching with one of our Senior Consultants.

By planning ahead, you will maximize your chances of MBA admissions success.


Get Started $1,160 (4 hours) – if you are within 12 months of applying
Get Started $2,320 (8 hours) – if you are 12–24 months from applying

Can be spread over two admissions seasons.
Additional hours must be purchased in two-hour increments.
Clients receive the Long-Term Planning Guide and a Brainstorming Document.
Clients who sign up for a 3+ school package after using this service will receive $250 off the package price.

¹This would consist of a 30-minute overview discussion, after which the client would complete the Brainstorming Document and then meet with the consultant for an hour to review and identify weaknesses.
²These would be 45- to 60-minute calls, occurring once or twice during the package duration.